TWD – Palats de Dames, Lille Style

100_3715This is my first post in the baking group Tuesdays with Dorie, now commencing baking through Dorie Greenspan’s new book Baking Chez Moi. I had baked a couple of times with the group when they started baking through the book Baking with Julia. But it didn’t really stick. I’d had the book for years, had never used it, and while the recipes were good, not really my thing. As the French Fridays with Dorie group approaches the few remaining recipes from Around my French Table, we’re joining forces with the Tuesday group, since we are all still fans of Dorie Greenspan after all these years and enjoy our online community so much.

That’s a long introduction to this recipe. In fact, I made these a couple of weeks ago, as part of a virtual birthday celebration for Dorie, as well as marking our 4th year as the Friday group, and the publication of the new book. It was a fitting recipe to start with, much like when we began with gougeres all those years ago. I was happy to prepare more, they are so delicious.

This is a simple almost-batter that really accentuates the flavors of vanilla and butter. This batter needs to be chilled for at least an hour before forming into cookies. The easiest way I found was to use a small cookie scoop as Dorie suggested. I still needed to roll them into more perfect balls, so that they would keep their appropriate shape. They also need to be pretty small. And when they are baked, you should just barely see a bit of browning around the edges.


Once cooled, the cookies are dipped in a confectioners sugar glaze. I wanted a bit of embellishment, so thought some fall sprinkles would be in order. To me, the least messy way to glaze them was to place the racks over the top of one of my cookie sheets with parchment still in place, then dip each cooking into the glaze and set it on the rack and then top with the sprinkles. This made for pretty easy clean up, since the parchment caught every drip and sprinkle, so could be rolled up and tossed.


I couldn’t help attempting some photographs that took advantage of the beautiful dappled light, as well as the lovely nasturtiums in the garden. I have been so enamoured by Andrea’s photos (of The Kitchen Lioness), that I just had to try something different. Anyone who has read my blog knows that I’m a bit behind the curve on photography, but these seemed to deserve a pretty presentation.


These are certainly a recipe that I was happy to make again, and one that I’ll think of when looking for something simple but lovely for a cookie tray. They are exceptional with an espresso or a cup of tea. And they do lend themselves to embellishment of any variety. Certainly perfect on a beautiful fall day.


I know that we will all enjoy baking through our new book, and I’m really looking forward to “meeting” new friends in this group as well. Every recipe looks fabulous, so there will be lots of sweet treats in our futures!!

16 thoughts on “TWD – Palats de Dames, Lille Style

  1. Candy, the photos look great and that warm light with the nasturtiums is just perfect! Pshaw with you and the not-great photos: they definitely are! The cookies look great, of course!

  2. Your cookies look beautiful, so perfect in that photo. So happy to see so many of the
    Doristas from FFWD joining this new group. I think it will be a fun journey and hopefully
    we can keep up with both groups.

  3. Andrea would be (will be….:) so proud- your photos are gorgeous !! So fun that you mentioned she inspires you as she does exactly the same for me. Each time I view one of her posts I am absolutely enchanted with her amazing photography. It should make me cringe at my own shots but keeping it real, I am usually lucky to even get the recipe made and posted 🙂 So happy you are doing this “cook the book” as well. Nana and I lasted with the BWJ group only a week or two and found it too challenging to keep up. I have my fingers crossed we can make it through the 6 or so months we run both AMFT and BCM. Great post – your cookies look so yummy, boy these were keepers. We are off to a great start ~

  4. Beautiful photos…the cookies look extra special with the lovely flowers. You did a great job. My photography is going to have to step it up 100% to not be ashamed when you come visiting. 🙂

  5. Your photos and cookies are beautiful! (And we needn’t feel guilty about all of those sweet treats to come since Cottage Cooking Club provides balance)

  6. Lovely presentation! I agree with you about the recipes in BWJ. I have only stayed with the book because of the camaraderie of the group, and the fact that I made a commitment to bake through the book; even when reading a novel, I’ll read it to the end, no matter how much I dread it! Must get past this…. lol.

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