ffwd – (faux) jerusalem artichoke soup

The fact is, I haven’t been able to find Jerusalem artichokes. I know I’m not alone, though others are so well-organized that they order them ahead. Not me. From the beginning of French Fridays with Dorie, for some reason, I always think that I should cook the recipe the same week that that it is due to be posted. My most successful months, I probably haven’t done that, but I can’t really get that “rule” out of my head. This past week I was out of the country, only getting home late on Thursday, so this was indeed a French Friday.

When I did my research on line, potatoes were suggested as a substitute. So I chose potatoes and thought I’d add some artichoke hearts for a little more flavor (though not fresh… that would have been better, but more time consuming – this was another between-conference calls-recipe for me) The ingredients are straightforward, the afore mentioned potatoes and artichokes, plus leek, onion, celery and garlic. Then a little chicken stock.


The ingredients are prepped, with a couple of different rounds of sauteing – aromatics first, other vegetables second, then the broth is added to bring it all together.


The mixture is turned into a smooth soup with an immersion blender – it does get quite creamy. The original recipe suggests a parsley coulis, but I didn’t have time – maybe for the leftovers. I used the suggested truffle oil instead.


To be honest, this was yet another nondescript, beige soup. Maybe I’ll be able to doctor it up? Some parmesan? Some herbs (sage, thyme??) or pesto? Hopefully it’s gotten better in the refrigerator overnight! Not bad, just not memorable. If you would like to see how other Doristas’ soups turned out, you can check them out here.



15 thoughts on “ffwd – (faux) jerusalem artichoke soup

  1. We liked the Jerusalem artichoke version. I really think the parsley coulis bumped it up to the next level, so something like that might jazz it up for you a bit.

  2. I saw sunchokes for the first time this season today at the market, I guess I have always been a little afraid of them. Love potato soup!

  3. I am often making the recipe the same DAY it’s meant to be posted, so you’re way ahead of me. I enjoyed the soup, but it’s not the most photogenic of the dishes we’ve made, is it?

  4. Candy, your potato soup looks very velvety and so creamy – nice substitute for the rather elusive Jerusalem artichoke! The kids are all into creamy veg soup these days, so this soup was gone in a flash at out house – just grateful that they all seem to really enjoy the taste of these gnarly tubers!
    Have a nice Sunday, dear friend!

  5. Your soup looks lovely…kudus for getting this done after being away for a week! Much better organized than I would be! I really enjoyed this soup, I think the JA’s added a nutty flavor to it…but I did do half potatoes and half JA’s. Have a great week!

  6. I salute your organization that you got it done at all! I am often cooking on Thursday before posting on Friday! My husband’s only complaint about French Fridays has been the soups:)

  7. Your soup does look delicious with the drizzle of truffle oil. We did not care for the JA at
    all even with the grated cheese on top. Looking forward to the duck breasts next week.

  8. Beautiful bowl of soup there and I was so tempted to try out the truffle oil drizzle! I can see why people wouldn’t like the JA soup, but I also wonder if it was a tad better the next day?

  9. I follow the same rule as you do, I make the recipe the week it is due. I also think that if I can’t find the ingredients locally then it wasn’t meant to be. I never order ingredients, not that organized. Have a great week.

  10. Did your soup improve as it settled? I like the idea of combining potatoes and artichokes, though you’re right about the color. I follow the same rule too, even after 4 years and feeling pressure every week. No one can ever say I’m all that organized about cooking.

  11. I like your substitution ideas.
    I’ve found that I have to cook the recipes when I have time; if I don’t schedule it, it never happens – sometimes, it even means a month’s worth of recipes in one weekend 🙂

  12. Yup. Parmesan needed. Stat. Big bonus points for knocking out the recipe given your work schedule and juggling. Some weeks are definitely tougher than others 🙂 Also fun that you had the truffle oil- YUM. – Tricia

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