ffwd – Happy Birthday Dorie! Palets de Dames

This week in our French Fridays with Dorie group, instead of making a recipe from Around My French Table, we were able to chose one of four recipes from Dorie Greenspan’s new cookbook, Baking Che Moi. All of them looked wonderful, and I would like to make the other three when I have a bit more time. I was, however, able to bake Palets de Dames.

This turned out to be exactly the kind of cookie I love – soft, a bit sweet, with simple flavors of vanilla and butter shining through. As it turned out, it was also easy, which was a good thing because some weeks, my life takes unexpected turns. I ended up getting home with a few minutes to spare for a conference call. I pulled the batter together, and then popped it, covered with plastic wrap, into the freezer to hasten the chilling time.

Once my first call was done, I had enough in-between time to bake and ice half a recipe prior to leaving for the airport.

100_3678Of course, I had to try  a couple – with the suggested accompaniment of a cup of coffee. My new obsession is coffee Cubano style, and it was perfect with these delightful cookies.

100_3683I was able to toast Dorie’s birthday, and enjoy these delightful cookies. With the very light glaze, and just a dusting of orange sugar sprinkles, they made a festive treat.

Of course, I had to get to the airport, so searched for a box to put them in. The only one I found was a Chanel box – a crazy container to take to a construction site! But it would fit in my bag, and was the perfect size to keep the cookies safe on their journey. My team thought that they were great, and even kept questioning – “you made these?” Needless to say, I took that as a compliment. The last few were taken off to sweeten the day of a building department official… cookies for good!

These were very fun to make. I was pleased at how they turned out, and am happy that the second half of the recipe’s dough is tucked away in the freezer waiting for another baking opportunity. There have been lots of sweet treats baked this week in honor of Dorie’s birthday. If you would like to check them out, you can find the links here.


13 thoughts on “ffwd – Happy Birthday Dorie! Palets de Dames

  1. I love that you took a Chanel box to a construction site. A little Paris chic, inside and out. This week’s posts have been so much fun and I’m glad you managed to squeeze these in.

  2. LOL- I think it is both hilarious and sweet that folks asked if you actually made them. I have to admit that I would personally find that an amazing compliment. Well done 🙂 I did the cannelés this week but man am I going back to do those cookies next !! And Cubano style coffee ? Not sure what it is all about but you have piqued my interest, coffee lover that I am, and I am now off to Google it. Great post ~ Tricia

  3. haha this is great, and why can’t they be Chanel a la Dulces Home Baking?? It’s just a testiment to your baking skills! you are awesome and what a great compliment! Happy Trifecta Celebration Day to you!

  4. I love strong coffee too, especially when it is accompanied by a sweet treat. Kudos to you for baking and working at the same time. Looking forward to more in Baking Chez Moi.

  5. Wow, I’m impressed you whipped these up while you were on the way out the door. I liked how simple and delicious they were. And festive with the sprinkles. Happy trifecta! Looking forward to cooking with you for yet another year!

  6. I may be a little late in commenting but I always eventually get it done. When you first posted the pix of the box holding your cookies on Facebook, I knew it was a Chanel box. I thought it was a great, great idea. (to remember) This week I received a Chanel box (I use their foundation make-up) and I stored the box in a safe place for the next time I bake cookies from Chez Moi. Very clever. I also baked these delicious cookies and couldn’t keep them out of my mouth. So they trotted off to the Librarians and The Gant personnel. Did you notice that the first recipe for Chez Moi in November is Palets de Dames? Enjoy the second half of your batch of cookies.

  7. I like the Chanel box idea! And your cookies look great.
    Sorry, I didn’t get your e-mail. We came back home last night – we had a great time in Scottsdale, Sedona and the Grand Canyon. We are seriously planning on going back next year. Not enough time and so much to do!

    1. I am so sorry I missed you! Last week turned sideways because of a health thing with my mom. But now you’ve been to my two home places, Scottsdale and Sedona! Geez, I was probably there when you were. I’m so sorry I didn’t get connected with you! I’m so happy you enjoyed yourselves.

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