ffwd – fresh orange pork tenderloin

We’ve been on a bit of a roll lately with our FFWD choices. This is one of those recipes that kind of sounds good in theory.  Think I actually made this before. But I couldn’t remember. That should have told me something. But I’ve been behind on this project, always seemingly playing catch-up, so despite a trip late in the week, I wanted to make this recipe.


The main flavorings are orange and cardamom. I had some fabulous local oranges that a friend gave me, so I wanted to use a couple (in my scaled down version), though again, I thought about saving them. Tiny but delicious.

I prepped everything – the orange segments, the juice, zest, a bit of onion and cardamom. To start with, I kept my tenderloin in one piece. I try not to actually look at other’s posts and comments, so that I actually learn something on my own, but this time, I did. The pork is browned, the onions added, then the cardamom, juice and zest. This is all covered for about 10 minutes, then the segments or supremes are added, then simmered for a bit more. Mine needed a bit more cooking, but not too much longer. I was pleased that the juice didn’t evaporate, and made for a nice bit of sauce


That said, this was really uninteresting for me. The pork was juicy and tender, but there wasn’t enough cardamom to really notice, and I think it could have been more, well, savory and flavorful. I served mine with Dorie’s broccoli with garlic buttered breadcrumbs, which was a nice dish to go with. While generally, this is a good preparation method, I’m not sure that I would make it again as it was written. I’m looking forward to seeing what others came up with – I’m sure they had some great ideas. You can look for them too – here.


14 thoughts on “ffwd – fresh orange pork tenderloin

  1. It looks very tasty along side that broccoli. We thought it was good but I think most prefer
    to roast the whole tenderloin instead. I did enjoy the oranges and onions made into a sauce,
    and I would like to try all of this recipe again but roasting in the oven.

  2. You were the smart one – to keep that pork tenderloin intact. Unfortunately I still follow Dorie’s recipes to a T and didn’t even think about NOT slicing it into medallions. Your result was tender. My slices were a bit tough. I like my pork roast slightly pink in the middle and you just cannot achieve that without using a meat thermometer I believe. Like you, I loved the idea and the combo but it didn’t fit together well. I couldn’t taste the cardamon and, to my mind, that should have been the spicy flavor to counter the sweet oranges. (Plus, cardamon is expensive and I felt I got no bang for my buck,) What I learned from this recipe is not to slice it. Your meal looks tasty. Did the broccoli steal the show? I think I could have made en entire meal out of that. Here is a good keep-clutter-at-a-minimum rule: When you bring something in, take two somethings out. Unfortunately I often don’t follow rules I make for myself.

  3. I wanted to like this more than I did. I’m glad I tried it, because I liked the way of preparing the pork itself. I’ll have to try another sauce next time. How’s the Northern AZ snow?

  4. I think leaving it whole was a good call. I don’t seem to have the super power of keeping smaller portions of meat from getting dried out 🙂
    That broccoli was good – I love it when FFwD’ers bring back recipes from past weeks to jog my memory.

  5. ahhh! we did serve the same meal essentially! 😉 I LOVE cardamom and was really sad that it’s flavor didn’t stand out better in this one….

  6. Your broccoli side dish really looks and sounds delicious – I have never prepared broccoli that way and it must have been really nice alongside the Orange Pork – and you also kept the pork tenderloin in one piece, I think that is truly a better way to cook pork tenderloin because this cooking method will keep the meat nice and tender.
    Have a good Sunday!

  7. I like your new site, Candy. I am sorry you didn’t like this one, but it looks really good and I think your pairing of the garlic butter broccoli was a great idea.

  8. I have to say that for “okayish” that is some spectacular photo. And now I want to try the broccoli too 🙂 I did agree with you about the repeat but my hubby keeps saying he really enjoyed it. I guess I will need to play around and do this one again, though I will figure out how to get more color on it ….yet not dry it out…..next time. Happy FF very late 🙂

  9. This was all orange, really. I’d love it if the cardamom were more present. After making it, I thought I probably wouldn’t revisit the recipe. Now, after reading everyone’s posts, I think there’s some potential – a little white wine or balsamic, a lot less orange, and some more cardamom just might do the trick..

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