ffwd – brown-sugar squash and brussels sprouts (en papillote)

I really intended to make this the way I was “supposed” to, but once I had my vegetables prepped, I couldn’t bring myself to it. At least this time I moved forward. Last week’s French Friday with Dorie challenge expected us to make an Asian stir-fry with 2 cups (!) of tomato sauce (!) – I couldn’t even get started with that.

100_2241I have to confess, I’m not on board the brussels sprouts train. I’m trying to like them, and they are ok, sometimes even pretty tasty. But we never had them when I was growing up because my folks didn’t like them. So while I’m trying to catch up (at about the time they are going back out of fashion), I have a limited appetite for them. At least they are pretty!

Often I will make roasted butternut squash with apples – simply seasoned with good salt and tellicherry black pepper (and yes, it’s worth getting that variety). So it seemed reasonable to add the sprouts to them, particularly when I’ve been encouraged by friends to roast them until caramelized. I knew that these vegetables would be better roasted, rather than steamed in packets. So that’s what I did. I did use a bit of sage, and the brown sugar called for (though I wouldn’t describe 1 tsp of brown sugar as the main element). I tossed the vegetables about half-way through, so that they would cook and caramelize evenly.


So here’s what I thought: these were tasty, and enjoyable. Unfortunately, the sprouts don’t hold well, their flavor overpowered the other ingredients when re-heated, which is a shame. I think I might even separate them out if I did this again, just so that the squash and apples could be served again – don’t know about the sprouts. It’s great to have leftover roasted butternut squash – soups, galletes, pizza… But this was fun to at least attempt.

3 thoughts on “ffwd – brown-sugar squash and brussels sprouts (en papillote)

  1. I am reluctantly sitting on the edge of the Brussels sprouts bandwagon. I’ve had them only a few times and didn’t LOVE them but I kinda liked them. I’m still undecided. I think roasting them was the best choice though – they look nice and caramelized!

  2. Sorry this wasn’t a hit for you. I felt the same way about brussels sprouts until I the last 10 years or so. I actually made this again and roasted them rather than cooked them in the parchment and I liked them better steamed in the parchment. Go figure. My husband and daughter loved them both ways. I would have never thought of these as toppings for a pizza, but it sounds really good!

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