CtBF – eggplant caviar

When I was planning on making this, I hoped that my favorite farm stand would have eggplant. At first glance, no. But when it was mentioned, the guy immediately went out and picked a bucketful. Doesn't get fresher than that!!

When I read the recipe, I immediately thought use the grill! So I charred them, then roasted them over indirect heat. No heating up the kitchen!!!

It took a little longer than I thought it would, but was in no hurry.

Once roasted to softness (with a little olive oil and salt), the eggplant is allowed to cool. Then the flesh is scraped from the shells. Then whirred with lemon juice, smoked paprika, salt, I used roasted garlic and some fresh-picked basil. It was temping to use mint as well. I'd love to hear how that turned out if anyone used it. This was really dump and stir, I referenced the recipe, but didn't follow it (honestly not sure how much eggplant I had!). This makes for a very delicious, light spread. It gets a glue of olive oils and a little more smoked paprika for serving. As suggested, I served this with some crostini. A few pickles too. And, since I had a fresh fig from my new tree, I put together another version with ricotta, prosciutto and the fresh figs. All served with some sparkling rosé. It's difficult to beat this as a lovely summer repast. Totally enjoyable, and perfect for a summer afternoon.

You can check out what others thought about this simple but delicious dish, by checking out the Cook the Book Fridays site.

4 thoughts on “CtBF – eggplant caviar

  1. Both of those versions sound fantastic. I’m not into figs, but I know Jim would have loved that recipe. I thought the eggplant was good, and so simple to prepare, especially at this time of the year.

  2. Your plate of goodies for the patio is beautiful. This dish went together easily for me also although I didn’t have a grill or gas burners. I think you solved my problem – my only complaint was that David’s eggplant caviar version was a tad garlicky but I love garlic. Instead of cutting the 2 TBS, I think roasting the garlic will do the trick. Envious of your fig tree. My neighbors in Henderson had 2 fig trees so I always enjoyed the bounty with them. Cannot believe you were unsubscribed – how did that happen!

  3. Oh my! what a lovely spread indeed. Your other serving variations are superb. Your little furry one is adorable!

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