CCC – March Recipes (lentils, potatoes and another “spouffle”)

This month with the Cottage Cooking Club offered up some great recipes, none of the dishes I chose were completely new to me, but it still made for a great array of recipes.

As I’ve mentioned many times on this blog, I have grown to love the French green lentils (Puy). They are pretty, retain their shape and have a lovely substantial flavor that holds up with other flavorful ingredients, and also provide a great base. This particular recipe is the “basic” one in Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s book River Cottage Veg. There are variations offered for using the lentils in different salads as well. This recipe is a bit simpler than others, but essentially the same. Wash lentils, bring them to a boil, drain and rinse them, cook them with seasonings, enjoy!

These are delicious and easy. And even better when paired with other ingredients. I particularly like roasted vegetables and pesto, but very much enjoyed the optional Lentil and parsley salad which relies on a mustardy vinaigrette.

Next up was the Zucchini “Spouffle”. The spinach version is a favorite, and I was certain that this one would be as well. My only knock on this dish is that it takes a lot of different dishes, even if you combine steps. That said, it’s terrific. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures… until after we had eaten most of it.


The final recipe was Potatoes dauphinoise. This classic French dish is essentially scalloped potatoes baked in cream. For such a rich, and even fancy, dish – this is incredibly easy, particularly when you have a mandoline. I have something like that. It’s French, and it slices… anyway! I made this to accompany a simple ham for Easter. It’s a great foil, since it’s rich, creamy and yummy – and a perfect accent to the smoked ham.

I actually put together the cream mixture before I left – cream, salt, crushed garlic and black pepper – oh and  bit of nutmeg. Once at my destination, I quickly peeled and sliced the potatoes, covered them with cream, dotted with butter – and into the oven they went. It was a double recipe, but still only took just a bit longer than the 1-1/2 hours at 325 degrees.


Not at all surprisingly, these were a huge hit. A “feast” dish for sure. We enjoyed a wonderful day with family and friends. Gorgeous weather, great company and wonderful food on such a celebratory day!

I hope everyone enjoyed their dishes in March! If you’d like to see what others thought about their choices, you can find them here.

6 thoughts on “CCC – March Recipes (lentils, potatoes and another “spouffle”)

  1. Candy, love looking at all the happy and smiling faces in your pictures. The food is delightful and delicious and just perfect for a special celebration! The Potatoes dauphinoise were the family favorite this month (and every month) and I am glad that we are not the only ones who are crazy about these kinds of gratins. The Spoufflé was on my list but I run out of time this month – when I read all the comments and recommendations I know that I should be making this recipe asap.
    Thank you for your participation – what a delightful post to read on a very rainy and cool last day of March!
    “See” you soon,

  2. Lovely photos – I think the potatoes were a wonderful choice for a holiday meal. We’ve been eating those lentils quite often over the last few months. They’re a good, flavourful choice for vegan meals. I’m curious about the ‘spouffle’ recipes. I hope I have an opportunity to try them some time.

  3. Hi Candy, I prepared the potatoes and lentils as well, loved both dishes. Your Zucchini “Spouffle” looks amazing, wish I would have prepared that one. Another great month at the Cottage, can’t believe we are almost done.

  4. You prepared a great assortment of dishes this month. The spinach spouffle was a big hit here and I’ve meant to try the zucchini but I remember the dishes well. Your potatoes look sooo inviting….a feast dish for sure.

  5. What a great looking feast, both the food and the smiling faces. I really enjoyed the spouffle. I have to go back and try the spinach version. Howard doesn’t eat zucchini so I had to eat the whole thing myself. The things we do… I am a big fan of Puy lentils too, though I haven’t yet tried any of Hugh’s variations. Some many recipes, not enough meals.

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