ffwd – coddled eggs with foie gras

Let me just start by apologizing to the extremely talented Doristas who chose our recipes this month. So far I’m 0 for 3 in on-time posts, and only 1 for 3 altogether – I might end up batting .250 if things hold up (and I’m allowed to count my late post). Not too bad for baseball, but pretty poor for blogging with the group. Vacation season and my new job have collided to make this a tricky month – oh, and throw in a requirement for some squash blossoms! I am not growing any zucchini this year, so nix that.

I was able to manage this recipe this week, albeit late. The trick was more in procuring the pâté foie gras, more than the method. Surprisingly only one choice was available at my fancy market, but it worked out. Otherwise, cream, eggs, parsley and a bit of tarragon, and a steamer.


Bits of the foie gras are placed in the bottom of a buttered ramekin. Then the egg over the top, cream, salt and pepper, and your herbs. I did use a bit of Mexican tarragon, though I really must have an aversion to tarragon, as I could definitely taste it. Alas, I forgot to bring my truffle salt with me – I’m sure it would have been better that way! (I couldn’t decide which vessel I liked better, so I used different ones)


These get placed in a steamer – I used my Chinese bamboo one, which was the perfect size.


One thing that I didn’t really take into account was that the different dishes allowed the eggs to cook in different times. The recipe calls for 5 minutes, one was ready then, one took another minute or so. I served these with some homemade peach-blueberry muffins, though I have to admit, toast fingers as suggested would have been quite nice.


This was good-ish, though will probably be a one-time thing. After all of the extravagant description, it didn’t really match up – though in all fairness, I didn’t have the truffles. We did, however enjoy the leftover pâté alongside another recipe of the salmon rillettes with some crisp white wine for dinner, so all was not lost!

If you’d like to see how others created this dish, you can look for them here.


7 thoughts on “ffwd – coddled eggs with foie gras

  1. I think they look very delicious. We really enjoyed our eggs even though I overcooked them.
    Tricia and I have not posted for over three months so we have a lot of catching up to do.
    Have a great week.

  2. I’ve been running late this month too. Late posts definitely count! I’m sorry you didn’t like this one better. I hope you enjoy the next one!

  3. This definitely counts, and your eggs look great. The pate looks delicious. Having the leftover pate with a glass of wine and salmon rillettes sounds divine. I wish I’d remembered to sprinkle my eggs with truffle salt, though the mousse I picked was flavored with truffles. I do love truffle salt though.

  4. I have been running late for months 😦
    I wish truffles were easier to come across – wouldn’t it be fun to sprinkle them all over the place?

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