Green Chile Sauce (2)

This is a lovely Green Chile Sauce  that’s a just a bit more work, but when you are faced with beautiful chiles and vegetables, it’s a great choice. I already had some fresh roasted chiles, but thought it would be fun to make a bit different sauce. This one is based on sauce from a local restaurant Aunt Chilada’s. It’s a fun place, though sadly, it no longer has this sauce on the menu.

Since I needed to get a few more things, I thought I’d take a trip to one of our local Mexican Food Markets. There are really 2 chains in the area. This one happens to be closest to me, and is very much like supermercados I’ve visited in Mexico. In fact, when I travel, I nearly always hit a supermarket – whether in Singapore or Edinburgh – it’s always fun to see what people are cook with. It’s a good way to see something more local.

These markets are great not only because you can find unusual ingredients, but I find that they go through their produce and other fresh foods more quickly, so you get top-quality items. Oh, and often the prices are good – I found beautiful fresh cherries for $1.88/lb – take that Whole Foods (at $6.99 – and no that wasn’t for organic).

Anyway, lots of beautiful ingredients go into this sauce, but it’s not at all difficult. The original version used a roux to thicken it, I’ll skip the fat – that way I can have more of this deliciousness on whatever I like.

Because I’m going to blend this sauce, about the only thing tricky is peeling the tomatoes. It’s quite hot here, so don’t really love the idea, but since I’m not firing up a grill for anything else, I’m just going with the normal quick toss in some boiling water.

All of my vegetables get roughly chopped and placed in a big pot. I’ve used a yellow pepper, an orange, a green bell pepper and a poblano chile (Poblanos are the ones that are that gorgeous dark green color. They are typically roasted and peeled like other green chiles, but can also be used fresh. Sometimes I’ll use them when I want just a bit of picante and that beautiful color. They are also used fresh in cream sauces for chicken or eggs. Here I’m replacing one of the bell peppers since I want the nice green and the rich flavor), along with about a pound and a half or so of roasted green (Anaheim) chiles. As well, we need garlic, green onions, regular onion and the tomato. One note – my original recipe has hand-written in 6-8 jalapeno or serrano chiles. Whether or not you need the additional heat is a matter or personal preference, what you’re using the sauce for, and how hot your roasted chiles are. The easiest way to tell is to taste the sauce when it first starts cooking – you’ll be able to tell quickly.

Stock is added (about 8 c – chicken or beef), and the whole thing is going to simmer for around an hour. Of course, if you wanted this to be chunkier, and retain some of the colors, you’d have to be more careful about your chopping. When I blend this together, the colors are going to be a bit lost, though the depth of flavor by using the different vegetables won’t.

This all gets blended with the immersion blender (I typically take it off the heat for a few minutes first so it isn’t boiling hot). At the same time, I add 3/4 c of flour, mixed in cold water. If you add it while you’re blending, it doesn’t have much of a chance to get gloppy, so it makes it easy. It gets simmered a bit more to ensure that the flour is cooked. Check your seasonings – it will take about a tablespoon of salt, but you can try it in smaller amounts and work to what tastes good.

I served this with a skirt steak quickly marinated in garlic, lime and a bit of olive oil, as well as a zucchini filled with fresh corn, chiles and cheese. Some olives and a few cherry tomatoes rounded out the meal.

Apparently, Aunt Chiladas (back in the day) used this sauce in a number of ways – famously topping their chimichangas. But the other dish they used it for was called Sweat Hot Chile. It was made using chunks of steak, that were browned in a bit of lard with some sliced fresh jalapenos (10 oz steak, 3 T lard, 4 jalapenos and 1-1/2 c of the sauce – for 4 people) and simmered quickly in some of this sauce. Served with cheese, green onions and cilantro. It will definitely make you sweat, but it’s really terrific for the adventurous!

One thought on “Green Chile Sauce (2)

  1. Thank you for both the sauces – the recipes and the pictures. I’m not very familiar with the different kinds of chiles so I really appreciate these two posts.

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