CtBF lamb shank tagine

This is another braise, so popular in the French cookbooks we have used. Taking a tough cut of meat, adding wonderful flavors, and cooking it a long time - which is great because there is so little active time, and it mostly takes care of itself. This time, lamb shanks. With a spice rub that … Continue reading CtBF lamb shank tagine

CtBF – Belgian beef stew with beer and spice bread

This is a tale of two recipes. The first recipe is for pain d'epices, which is a honey-spice quick bread. And that is then sliced and slathered with mustard - and is put on top of the beef stew stew to thicken it. But I digress, the first step is really to make the bread. … Continue reading CtBF – Belgian beef stew with beer and spice bread

CtBF|Steak with mustard butter and French fries

Oh my goodness! This was a perfect selection for this past week. Of course it was Valentine's Day, and it was also my mom's 85th birthday. So a little festive dinner party was in order. I loved reading the description - I was in total agreement. Rib-eye. Check. Thinner cut so that a nice crust … Continue reading CtBF|Steak with mustard butter and French fries

CCC – Cottage Cooking Club – August Recipes

This month's recipes at the Cottage Cooking Club were perfect for summer. Plenty of tomatoes, and other summer produce. I stopped by my favorite farm stand, knowing that I had some interesting, great sounding recipes to make.We have great corn here, which wasn't really on this particular menu, but also a couple of kinds of … Continue reading CCC – Cottage Cooking Club – August Recipes

ffwd – green-as-spring veal stew

One of my very favorite things to do in cooking, is to use ingredients from the garden - stepping outside to pick what I need in the moment. In AZ, that mainly means herbs, so it was fun to be able to use what's on hand for this recipe - at least in large part. The … Continue reading ffwd – green-as-spring veal stew

Spinach and Pine Nut Pesto

This recipe just screams SPRING to me! With it's fresh lemon and spinach flavors, it's one of the things I love to make this time of year. And it couldn't be more simple. I usually make a big batch of this because I use it for more than just pasta, but over vegetables, as a … Continue reading Spinach and Pine Nut Pesto

Thanksgiving 2012

Each year I come up with a menu for Thanksgiving, and include a lot of the recipes, so that  we can share, anticipate and get excited about our upcoming holiday together. (there are 2 files of recipes linked). And it's a way to share with our people who can't make it to be with us. This year, … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2012