CtBF -Bûche de Noel

I have always wanted to make one of these! Of course, making one for Christmas itself would be good. We'll see how we like this version. There are plenty around, I'd always assumed that I'd make Julia Child's recipe, but then... here it was in My Paris Kitchen. This version is almost like a soft … Continue reading CtBF -Bûche de Noel

A French Thanksgiving – 2009

The summer of 2009 ended up being an intersection of sorts. I had read the book Julie and Julia and had been introduced to a world that, for me, had not even existed - an individual person blogging! And cooking through an entire cookbook as a project!! The following year, I started blogging myself when I … Continue reading A French Thanksgiving – 2009

Honey Rosemary Roasted Nuts

This recipe is for one of my favorite spiced nut treats. I've had many over the years, and have enjoyed them, but this is the one I like best. The original recipe suggests four types of nuts (2 c each) almonds, macadamias, cashews and walnuts. Over the years, I've substituted what I've had on hand, … Continue reading Honey Rosemary Roasted Nuts

ffwd – cheese-it-ish crackers

This is one of those recipes I've planned on making for a long time. It even made my "official" Thanksgiving menu last year, but didn't actually get prepared. Then I was planning on making them on time this year and serving them over the Christmas holiday. That didn't happen either. But I finally made these, … Continue reading ffwd – cheese-it-ish crackers

Thanksgiving 2012

Each year I come up with a menu for Thanksgiving, and include a lot of the recipes, so that  we can share, anticipate and get excited about our upcoming holiday together. (there are 2 files of recipes linked). And it's a way to share with our people who can't make it to be with us. This year, … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2012

tortilla wreaths

I host a wreath-making party every year. Sometime around Thanksgiving, either before or after, depending on the calendar. One of the favorites, (3 times?), both in Arizona and Texas, is a tortilla wreath. These are simple, fun and always a huge hit. For each wreath, you'll need: A wire coat hanger that is neither too … Continue reading tortilla wreaths

Quick and Easy Sticky Caramel Buns

I am a (new) member of the KAF Customer Advisory Panel. It's very fun, and I'm honored, though I can't help thinking of George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life, talking about being nominated for membership to the National Geographic Society. I suspect, like him, I am one of a zillion. But that's totally OK. Along … Continue reading Quick and Easy Sticky Caramel Buns

Chile Relleno Casserole and Calabacitas

We have been making some version or another of this casserole in my family for as long as I can remember. My Grandmother (whose recipe this is) called it chill-y re-lenno  casserole despite spending her entire life in southern California and being immersed in the cultural mix. Of course, it sounds a bit better pronounced … Continue reading Chile Relleno Casserole and Calabacitas

Cinnamon Rolls

My Grandmother taught me how to make cinnamon rolls when she would visit us in Michigan. At that time, she lived in California, so would spend a couple of weeks, and it was a fun time baking with her. She was the one who taught me how to bake bread in the first place. I … Continue reading Cinnamon Rolls

King Cakes – it’s that time of year!!!

I have very (very) fond memories of King Cakes and Mardi Gras in Texas and Louisianna. My super-fabulous assistant Amanda, when I lived in TX, was from LA and introduced me to all-things-wonderful about the culture. I was also fortunate enough to work in LA over the years, and so was able to really embrace … Continue reading King Cakes – it’s that time of year!!!