Whole Meyer-Lemon Tart

This is one of the easiest, and most delicious recipes for a dessert that I've made. The crust is oh-so-simple, and the filling is just as easy. The real trick, though, is a meyer lemon. I've tried making this with regular lemons (even using only the zest and the fruit/juice), but it really isn't as … Continue reading Whole Meyer-Lemon Tart

ffwd – long and slow apples

I kind of felt like Julie (of Julie and Julia fame) yesterday. I was home sick (legitimately!), but then realized that I had a recipe to make! I put off doing anything until the official end of the day, but still felt like maybe I shouldn't be making any recipes to blog about (forget the … Continue reading ffwd – long and slow apples

ffwd – spice-poached apples or pears

I decided to make this with both pears and apples, since I didn't really know which kind of fruit I'd prefer. This is another easy recipe, with a flavorful simple syrup used for poaching the fruit (similar to the peach melba of a few weeks ago), this time sweetened largely with honey. Here, the syrup … Continue reading ffwd – spice-poached apples or pears

ffwd – peach melba

I've made plenty of peach melba-ish recipes - a lovely combination of peaches and raspberries. But I've never actually made the┬áreal thing. So I was looking forward to this recipe, even though I've been trying to hold off on decadent desserts. At least this is fruit! Right?? This is essentially peaches poached in a lovely … Continue reading ffwd – peach melba