ffwd – leeks vinaigrette with mimosa

This dish was simply fabulous!

In early spring, when asparagus first starts arriving at the market, I make something similar. I can make a meal of that (well, maybe with a crust of bread).This recipe is a similar one – perfectly cooked leeks with a vinaigrette of sherry vinegar and walnut oil (along with a bit of Dijon and olive oil as well) served at room temperature or chilled. Such a simple, and simply-prepared dish, but one that is truly delightful.

The only confusion here is when it comes to leeks, what constitutes “the youngest, thinnest you can find”? Mine were small, but not freakishly so. I only wanted to do a partial recipe, so picked up 4, and just punted. Since I wasn’t sure whether mine were in that class, I decided to split them lengthwise, as suggested. Not sure that I did that correctly either, but still.. The leeks get tied together in bundles, then dropped in simmering water until just tender.


While the leeks are simmering, a very simple vinaigrette dressing is thrown together. Due to my ffwd escapades, I happen to have those things on hand as well, making this something easily pulled together. Even though I only cooked 4 leeks, I made the full recipe of dressing – with only a bit left over.


Once the leeks are done, and the dressing made, the only things remaining are to allow the leeks to drain and cool (on some paper towel), and then assemble. I wanted the leeks to soak up a bit of the vinaigrette before serving. I thought a little roasted red pepper would be both pretty and tasty added to the dish.


The final touch is the “mimosa”, that is, sieved or grated hard boiled egg. The egg is supposed to look like mimosa flowers. I served this as a starter, and I’m happy that I dd.


The leeks are pretty delicate in flavor, so alone, as a separate course was a perfect presentation. Also, I served them slightly warm-to-room temperature as suggested.


These were so light and fresh-tasting, this was a terrific dish and wonderful starter. I’m not sure that the egg was really required, though mixed in along with the dressing, it was terrific. Definitely something I’ll make again.

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11 thoughts on “ffwd – leeks vinaigrette with mimosa

  1. My feelings exactly, Candy. Your red pepper adds the color/zing that this needs. Liz used red pepper as a garnish and I used some in my Vinaigrette. I think your leeks were on the smaller sized. Compared to my giant leeks, yours were the proper size. Since I don’t cook with leeks (Now I will.) and was serving this dish for a dinner party, I sorta freaked over the various techniques. Trevor to the rescue. He sent me links and sites and pictures and the dish was, as you said, amazing.

  2. I enjoyed this one too, though I wasn’t so excited about the grated egg on top. Maybe if I’d missed it in like you did. Have a great weekend.

  3. I was confused about what defined a “young, thin” leek too. I’m glad you enjoyed this one. I’m starting to think maybe I should try it again.

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