ffwd – couscous salad

This week’s French Friday challenge is another grain-based salad. I only have one rice salad that I make consistently, so these are always a bit different for me. This one is generously flavored with spices in the stock for the couscous. Cumin, tumeric, ginger and cinnamon are the warm spices used here, along with the flavoring of lemon, cilantro, and the added elements of bell pepper, carrot, snap peas, chick peas and raisins.

100_3578The broth is simmered with the spices, then the couscous added. Once the couscous has been added, the raisins are placed on top to allow them to plump a little as well. Meanwhile, all of the fresh ingredients are prepped.

100_3582A simple dressing is made with some olive oil and lemon juice. Once the couscous is ready and has been fluffed, it’s ready to be combined with the fresh ingredients and the dressing.

100_3583I served this alongside a simple almost caprese salad using fresh garden cherry tomatoes and ciliegini mozzarella.


This was certainly pretty, but not the hit that I’d hoped for. And to be honest, it was way more salad than was reasonable. I suspect there are others in our group who adored this however. I’ll be interested to find out what they think. You can see what they thought on our French Fridays with Dorie site.


20 thoughts on “ffwd – couscous salad

  1. I did indeed adore this and make similar salads on a somewhat regular basis. One of the many things that I love about grain salads is that they keep for a few days in the fridge and thus make great dinner leftovers during the week. Though, I think that this one could have easily held us over for several weeks!

  2. I loved this one, though ours was a quinoa version. Sorry it wasn’t a hit for you, but it sounds like the rest of your dinner was great.

    1. I think I’d like it better with quinoa. But loved the idea of cooking the “grain” part with the spices. Definitely a concept to work with. Dorie’s salads are growing on me. 🙂

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  3. Yup- it did make a big bowl full. I was so busy focusing on whether I had used half of my 20 oz box (I was eyeballing it…..) that I didn’t realize how much “finished product” I was generating 🙂 Love your naming of “almost caprese” salad and my it looked great. Nice job~ Tricia

  4. Sorry you didn’t love it. And, it did make a lot. I used half the couscous, but the full amount of vegetables, and that made so much, even if it was less than it could have been. Caprese salad, almost or really, is de rigeur these days with summer tomatoes. We had an almost version with dinner tonight (though I didn’t have any basil).

    1. I am sure I’d like your version better. I think this would have been much tastier with the double veggies.

      I spent a part of the afternoon making pesto from basil in the garden. One of the few things I can grow without critters getting to it. Oh, and cherry tomatoes. 🙂

  5. As soon as I finish this comment, Candy, I am going to google ciliegini mozzarella and see how that differs from “just” mozzarella. FFWD continues to be an ongoing education for me in every way. I liked this but unlike many of my colleagues, I cannot eat a salad like this day after day. Once I make it and eat it, then I’m ready to move on to something different. That’s why it’s so great that I have a hungry front-office staff that will eat anything that shows up at the counter. All your photos showing the progression of making this salad are excellent. You always do a good job of explaining the process.

    1. Thanks, Mary. That’s probably one (!) of my problems too. Don’t love having the same thing day after day. I’m still getting used to the whole office-from-home thing. The major downside? I don’t have anyone to foist my excess food and baked goods on!! Ha!!

  6. Candy, this did make WAY more salad than the two of will eat, especially since Gary isn’t excited about it! He ate it one day and then was done. I’ve been eating it for three days now and I’m done!

  7. This was a LOT of salad 🙂 I have to remember that one cup of uncooked stuff multiplies.
    We had ours with tomato and mozzarella too. Great minds!

  8. I only made half the recipe and still had it for days. With all the fresh tomatoes around now, Hubby and I are enjoying fresh mozzarella/tomato salads too.

    1. I feel bad, but it’s think it’s hard to go wrong with tomatoes and mozzarella! It’s so great to have home-grown tomatoes and they are such a treat, I’m sure it upstaged the salad. 🙂

  9. We had leftovers forever – that was even with eating the leftovers! Loved this salad, and how fantastic to pair with a fresh caprese salad –

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