ffwd – next day beef salad

This week’s French Friday with Dorie recipe is a salad to be made with leftover beef – I think to be exact, the leftover beef from “a Saturday night’s boeuf a la ficelle”. That was one recipe from Around my French Table that I never did get around to trying. But the recipe itself is a combination of ingredients that are readily available in many kitchens, and can be adapted to any leftover beef.


The “official” ingredient list is long, but largely consisting of the afore-mentioned beef, a couple of kinds of mustard, some mayo, green onions, green olives and pickles, along with some fresh ingredients like apple (!), bell pepper, tomato, and here I have some lightly cooked snap peas.

These ingredients all get prepped and combined. I wanted things to be of a relatively similar size.


Once combined, mine was stored, along with some fresh spinach on the side.


And off it went to work with me, where it presented a fabulous lunch at my desk! With a set of construction drawings for a fancy tablecloth it appears!!


This was a delicious salad. And truth be told, I made this a long time ago (it’s easy to tell, I don’t sit at the same desk, or work for the same company anymore!), but I loved this salad, and I’m delighted for the reminder. The ingredients come together despite the odd-sounding combination of ingredients. Apples! Pickles!! But it really worked. And this is a great salad not just to utilize leftovers, but as a delicious respite – and because of its composition, and easy take-along.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the other members of our French Fridays crew came up with when they were putting this salad together. You can find their delicious links here.

12 thoughts on “ffwd – next day beef salad

  1. It took nerve to display that salad in front of all your colleagues, Candy. I know you are generous with the items you make and bake but I am quite positive there was some envy going on while you were trying to enjoy lunch. I made this salad long ago and loved every bite. It’s good. I’m a mustard lover which, I think, you have to be to like this salad.

  2. Ooh I love bringing fun things to work to make the coworkers jealous! Mary is right, I’m sure there was envy! Good job.

  3. I agree that this one sounded odd on paper. I really don’t think that I expected to enjoy it the first time around, I really only made it because I genuinely had a ton of leftover beef which needed to be used up and I was digging for ideas. Since then, I’ve made it because I now it’s delicious!

    This would have been a perfect work lunch. It’s been a while I brought lunch to work, thanks for the reminder.

  4. What a great lunch for work! 🙂 I do this to the hubs, everything we had the night before becomes his lunch,…unless there are no leftovers… 🙂

  5. If it makes you feel any better, I usually have federal regulations lining my desk 🙂 Such fun backdrops!
    That’s a pretty nice work lunch – if only we could eat that well all the time, right?

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