CtBF – Fattoush

This salad is described as "dressed with a pungent lemony garlic dressing and a jumble of ingredients". The main differences are a sprinkling of ground sumac and shards of toasted pita. It was suggested that we would love it above all things. As it so happened, I was in the Valley, and so could run … Continue reading CtBF – Fattoush

CtbF|Artichoke tapenade with rosemary oil

This week's recipe from David Lebovitz' cookbook My Paris Kitchen, is. Well let me just say it. Amazing. Overused word, but this is a terrific, easy dish, and I think so in keeping with the great idea of having yummy things on hand to share with family and friends. Apparently, it is fairly common to purchase freshly-made … Continue reading CtbF|Artichoke tapenade with rosemary oil

ffwd – never doubt Dorie (aka, who knew?)

This second celebratory week for the French Fridays with Dorie group asks the question "what recipe(s) were surprises for you?". OK, that wasn't the real question, but when I think about the title - I think about those recipes where I was very quite skeptical, but learned that Dorie knew what she was doing when she … Continue reading ffwd – never doubt Dorie (aka, who knew?)

ffwd – salmon tartar and waffles & cream

I'm combining a couple of recipes this week - something I don't typically do - but, well, it happens! And what different recipes they are. I was planning on making the waffles last week, but my week got away from me. Something that happens all too frequently these days. I did really want to try … Continue reading ffwd – salmon tartar and waffles & cream

CCC January – Beet and Cheddar Pizza

The Cottage Cooking Club is a group of bloggers working their way through Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's book River Cottage Veg. Each month, the tremendously talented Andrea of The Kitchen Lioness, chooses 10 recipes from the book, based on seasonal ingredients and variety of choice. The members then choose between 1 and 10 recipes to prepare and blog about. … Continue reading CCC January – Beet and Cheddar Pizza

ffwd – arman’s caviar in aspic

This recipe must be one that is most-dreaded by Doristas of all of the offerings in Around My French Table. Upon reading the description, I had to go out and find examples of Arman's work, since it was supposed to be the inspiration of the dish for a dinner party. Based on Dorie's description, this should be … Continue reading ffwd – arman’s caviar in aspic

ffwd – coddled eggs with foie gras

Let me just start by apologizing to the extremely talented Doristas who chose our recipes this month. So far I'm 0 for 3 in on-time posts, and only 1 for 3 altogether - I might end up batting .250 if things hold up (and I'm allowed to count my late post). Not too bad for … Continue reading ffwd – coddled eggs with foie gras