ffwd – arman’s caviar in aspic

armanThis recipe must be one that is most-dreaded by Doristas of all of the offerings in Around My French Table. Upon reading the description, I had to go out and find examples of Arman’s work, since it was supposed to be the inspiration of the dish for a dinner party. Based on Dorie’s description, this should be reminiscent of his work. And some of his work is familiar. It was interesting to see the other works he’s produced as well – particularly the artfully displayed (…) drawer of old flatware. To be truthful, I did enjoy looking at the images, but couldn’t for the life of me quite get the connection. But I’m sure it’s just my provincial mind.

The dish is essentially cubes of seafood jelly with a divot in the top to hold some caviar. The jelled mixture is placed in a square pan, then cut into smaller squares… It seemed easy. I thought I’d use my new seafood stock, and some simple caviar.


Now, I used to prepare a fair number of caviar presentations, but to be honest, I wasn’t the real caviar-lover in the bunch. I thought about what the typical accompaniments might be, and did a little research. Hard boiled eggs, sour cream, onion… I decided to make a couple of deviled eggs to encase in the aspic, and also a little chopped egg mixed with sour cream. I thought they would make for a fun presentation, and also make the dish a bit rounder, and what I’d typically be wanting to serve. Plus it would allow me to use some of my fancy molds!


Some of these were actually my Grandmother’s, from the time when a dinner party required an individual molded salad for everyone!

I made the aspic. I was not initially thrilled with the flavor – the “1/2 cube for 2 c water” sounded very bland. I did add a bit of seasonings, but was afraid to add too much. I filled the molds with a bit of the aspic and chilled them, then added their filings, and covered with more aspic. The fun thing is all of this comes together quickly.


I unmolded the jellies, then placed them on their plate. I did rinse my caviar as well (to rid it of a bit of salt, plus it’s less likely to “bleed” black on the food it’s placed on).


They actually look pretty cute! And they are darling with the dainty black caviar on top, and served with champagne in a coupe – since this all felt so retro.


At the end, this was more fun to think about and make than it was to eat. As I’ve said, while I don’t have a problem with caviar per se, it’s not really my thing. And I wished that the aspic itself had more flavor. I should have trusted that it wasn’t highly flavored enough, because it was totally overwhelmed by the caviar.

But. Still. Fun. I think it will be interesting to see what any of our other Doristas did with this recipe, if they tried it (and I know for a fact, some did).


12 thoughts on “ffwd – arman’s caviar in aspic

  1. Yours do look quite pretty! Too bad they fell short on flavor! I knew right from the start I would not eat fishy gelatin…so I took mine to a totally different place. Happy Friday, Candy!

  2. That’s quite a drawer of fancy molds! I love the shape of your mini aspics. I didn’t love the combo, but I’m glad I tried it. Some of your suggested fillings sound better than the caviar. Have a great weekend!

  3. Interesting because the issue I had with the aspic was that it was overpoweringly flavored. So it sounds like you at least got closer to Dorie’s flavoring than most of the rest of us.

  4. What a wonderful post – you explained your process very well. I liked the hard-boiled egg idea. Thank you for doing research on Arman. I was curious but just hadn’t gotten to Google yet. What I really enjoyed seeing was your grandmother and your molds. You may be the modern-day Arman, replacing adrawer of old flatware with your drawer of Grandmother’s fancy jello molds.

  5. “this was more fun to think about and make than it was to eat”. I think that sums it up quite nicely. I am glad I skipped this one and made soup instead. Kudos for you for doing it and making it look great.

  6. Hi Candy, Happy New Year! I’m getting a kick out of reading your Doristas group observations on this aspic with caviar dish! Very creative is the use of your grandmothers mold tins!

  7. Candy, your seafood jelly is gorgeous! And your mold collection is amazing! I’m with you about caviar. I can enjoy a bit of nice caviar, especially if I have an icy vodka shooter, but I don’t love it. You did a beautiful job!

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