ffwd – spice-crusted tuna and scallops

Spice crusted tuna… it sounded like a good recipe, and also a good choice for what has been a busy January. I broke my rule (since I was late making this) and read some of the others’ posts and comments about the recipe. This time it was totally encouraging, since I don’t make a lot of fish, and very rarely tuna. I picked some up frozen (as suggested by Betsy), and I happened to have a few scallops, so I thought they would be good too.

There is a spice mixture that is put together – coriander, white pepper, cardamom, and some fresh ginger. This is crushed (or processed) into a paste to put onto the fish.


I didn’t seem to have as much as some others, maybe my math was off. This was also suggested to be paired with a mango chatini, which is generally a kind of salsa. I didn’t have any nice mangos, so I went with a fresh pineapple salsa instead.

The fish is quickly browned in a pan over some fairly high heat to get a little caramelization. Still this takes only a few minutes. I cooked mine a bit too long for my taste.


I served mine with some fresh asparagus and the pineapple salsa. And it made for a colorful, tasty dinner.


I have to say, the spices were really, really good with the scallops. I think we actually enjoyed them a bit more than the tuna itself, but both were delicious!!


If you would like to see how the other Doristas prepared their spice crusted tuna, you can find their links here!

2 thoughts on “ffwd – spice-crusted tuna and scallops

  1. I have to think that these spices and scallops would work very well. Glad to know they did. Pineapple salsa, a nice touch. Yep, I think if the tuna is the least bit overcooked, it really is a spoiler. Like Liz, I would have enjoyed mine more if I’d done 90 seconds on both sides rather than 2 minutes. I did enjoy these spices and, since I know you like your food spicier than I, it worked, huh?

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