CtBF – Fattoush

This salad is described as "dressed with a pungent lemony garlic dressing and a jumble of ingredients". The main differences are a sprinkling of ground sumac and shards of toasted pita. It was suggested that we would love it above all things. As it so happened, I was in the Valley, and so could run … Continue reading CtBF – Fattoush

CCC – March Recipes (lentils, potatoes and another “spouffle”)

This month with the Cottage Cooking Club offered up some great recipes, none of the dishes I chose were completely new to me, but it still made for a great array of recipes. As I've mentioned many times on this blog, I have grown to love the French green lentils (Puy). They are pretty, retain their … Continue reading CCC – March Recipes (lentils, potatoes and another “spouffle”)

CCC -a ragout, a toastie, and a gratin

This month's Cottage Cooking Club selections included quite a few yummy-sounding dishes. I have to say, I'm a bit proud of myself, since I committed to two, but made three. And I'm so happy I did! Just as I am getting settled in to my house in Sedona, it's the time of year when work starts ramping … Continue reading CCC -a ragout, a toastie, and a gratin

CtBF|Steak with mustard butter and French fries

Oh my goodness! This was a perfect selection for this past week. Of course it was Valentine's Day, and it was also my mom's 85th birthday. So a little festive dinner party was in order. I loved reading the description - I was in total agreement. Rib-eye. Check. Thinner cut so that a nice crust … Continue reading CtBF|Steak with mustard butter and French fries

CtBF: Winter Salad

   This is my inaugural post for the new group Cook the Book Fridays.  Many of the participants were part of French Fridays with Dorie over the course of nearly 5 years. That experience kept us cooking and blogging, and ultimately may be best known for the friendships created - both in person and virtually. … Continue reading CtBF: Winter Salad

CCC – January re-set

The latter part of December was surprisingly stressful, so while 2015 was ok, I was ready for a new year. That also meant that I would be trying to re-set and get back to my blog, as well as cooking along with my friends in the Cottage Cooking Club. We have been cooking through Hugh … Continue reading CCC – January re-set

CCC – September – a month of make-ups and re-visits!

This month for the Cottage Cooking Club, we had another "make-up" or even "revisit" month. I ended up doing a little of both. To start, I was so inspired by my fellow club members who raved about last month's Summer garden lentils niçoise, that I decided I just had to make it. Well, I did. And it … Continue reading CCC – September – a month of make-ups and re-visits!