ffwd – lamb and dried apricot tagine

This dish is a wonderful departure from other braises that are so perfect for this time of year. Not only is it lamb vs. beef, but it includes a combination of warming spices and dried apricots for a bit of sweetness that contributes to a wonderful combination of flavors that is so satisfying. There is … Continue reading ffwd – lamb and dried apricot tagine

A French Thanksgiving – 2009

The summer of 2009 ended up being an intersection of sorts. I had read the book Julie and Julia and had been introduced to a world that, for me, had not even existed - an individual person blogging! And cooking through an entire cookbook as a project!! The following year, I started blogging myself when I … Continue reading A French Thanksgiving – 2009

ffwd – french lentils – a basic recipe

French lentils have to be one of the handful of my very favorite recipes in Around My French Table. And one from which I learned the most. I had never been a fan of lentils. I like beans of most varieties, and love split pea soup - but lentils? Then the revelation of these wonderful small … Continue reading ffwd – french lentils – a basic recipe

#FRD2014 – part deux – stovetop chicken pot pie

For the 2014 French (Food Revolution) Friday, I prepared Dorie Greenspan's classic roast chicken recipe roast chicken for les paresseux. In my post, I suggested several ideas for what to do with the leftover chicken. In this case, I also had some nice juices, some roasted potatoes and onions left over as well. One of my suggestions was … Continue reading #FRD2014 – part deux – stovetop chicken pot pie

ffwd – a French (Food Revolution) Friday

As we did last year, the French Fridays with Dorie cooking group is participating in the international Food Revolution Day. This year, Jamie Oliver is asking people “get kids excited about food” To that end, we are all choosing recipes from around my french table that we think every child should know how to make. I guess that I was really fortunate … Continue reading ffwd – a French (Food Revolution) Friday

ffwd – green-as-spring veal stew

One of my very favorite things to do in cooking, is to use ingredients from the garden - stepping outside to pick what I need in the moment. In AZ, that mainly means herbs, so it was fun to be able to use what's on hand for this recipe - at least in large part. The … Continue reading ffwd – green-as-spring veal stew

ffwd – sausage-stuffed cornish hens

It was kind of fun to make a game hen again. I've probably made them once in the last couple of years, but probably not for quite a few years prior to that. When I saw them already thawed at Whole Foods though, it made this a lot more do-able. No defrosting! Then it becomes … Continue reading ffwd – sausage-stuffed cornish hens

ffwd – moules mariniere

Moules mariniere or mussels, mariner style. These are the mussels I've grown to love over the years and think of as a great treat. Of course, Thai mussels with coconut curry sauce, or those steeped in a light tomato broth are all wonderful as well. And as I made them I wondered why I don't make … Continue reading ffwd – moules mariniere

ffwd – dressy pasta “risotto”

WOW! This was an unexpected surprise. Maybe it was the concept or the multiple "bonne idee"s that threw me. Once started, I had my reservations about the long cooking time. The two things that really stuck with me when I read the other ideas were: wine. and truffles. I thought that those items would definitely … Continue reading ffwd – dressy pasta “risotto”

ffwd – hurry-up-and-wait chicken

This week's recipe is mostly a simple one - good for this time of year. And despite some of the gymnastics involved, because it's roasted at such a high temperature, the chicken cooks very quickly. This can be as simple as a chicken, salt, pepper and butter. I used a seasoning blend, but nothing fancy. … Continue reading ffwd – hurry-up-and-wait chicken