ffwd – lamb and dried apricot tagine

This dish is a wonderful departure from other braises that are so perfect for this time of year. Not only is it lamb vs. beef, but it includes a combination of warming spices and dried apricots for a bit of sweetness that contributes to a wonderful combination of flavors that is so satisfying. There is a mixture of spices including coriander, saffron, cinnamon, ginger, red pepper flakes and cumin along with salt and pepper. Of course garlic and onions and the lamb and dried apricots. Rounding the recipe out, some canned diced tomatoes and a bit of chicken broth.100_3751

I used slices from a leg of lamb because that was what was most convenient. Perhaps even a bit too lean, but that eliminates steps down the road. The lamb gets cut into chunks and browned in a bit of olive oil – it takes a few shifts in the pan to brown all of the meat without crowding. Once that’s complete, the onions and garlic are added for their turn in the pan, stirring up all of the browned bits on the bottom.


Next, the tomatoes get added along with some broth, and that gets to simmer for a bit along with the spices.

100_3756100_3757And then, the lamb and apricots are added on top, the whole thing covered tightly and then popped into a 325 degree oven for a nice long simmer.


After about an hour or so (mine was longer – I was working and got sidetracked!), the dish comes out, gets a good stir and is ready to serve with your choice of something to take advantage of the lovely sauce. I chose rice. Toppings are toasted almonds and a bit of cilantro (no, I didn’t get that far, but there’s another meal where I can try that out).


This is such an aromatic, yummy, warming dish. The flavor combination is different, but so delicious, and not a stretch at all. It was terrific with the rice, though I’m sure if your preference was some other grain, seed or starch, it would be nice too. This was a fun dish to make. You can find out what other people thought of the recipe by checking the French Fridays with Dorie site.


8 thoughts on “ffwd – lamb and dried apricot tagine

  1. I just couldn’t get this one done this week, even though I have all the ingredients sitting in my fridge. It sounds like a perfect dinner for tomorrow night!
    I did finally get to the Red Kuri soup done, and was delighted with the results!
    Your dinner looks wonderfully delicious! Glad it was a winner!

  2. I also thought this one was fun to make. What a nice aroma to have around you while you’re working on something else. No wonder you got distracted. This was definitely a winner! Have a great weekend, Candy!

  3. Like you, I thought this was an absolutely delicious braise (stew) and different from my usual beef stew. I get into a rut, I guess. You put yours together just like I did except I used packaged lamb chunks. Next time I will probably buy some part of a lamb, the leg, maybe, for the braise. Nice job. Yes, this was tasty.

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