CtBF Salted olive crisps (the dog ate my homework)

I've been wanting to make this recipe for a while and was excited to try what seemed like a savory biscotti, or one of those yummy crispy crackers that are so good.  I used some fabulous green olives that I love and some sliced almonds. The dough is simple to put together. I wasn't really … Continue reading CtBF Salted olive crisps (the dog ate my homework)

CtBF -green beans with snail butter

A day behind on this. But such is life. This was the "extra" recipe for the month. Essentially steamed green beans treated in the same way as escargot  - that is with butter and a lot of garlic. Ok, with a bit of parsley and some salt and pepper.  I knew that it could be … Continue reading CtBF -green beans with snail butter

CtBF – Caramel pork ribs (plus)

Like several others of the CtBF tribe, I have fallen behind on my cooking from the book, and my posts. But here I am - on a Friday no less - the actual Friday that it was supposed to be posted - with my thoughts on the Caramel pork ribs. Unfortunately, I didn't take process … Continue reading CtBF – Caramel pork ribs (plus)

A Bread-baking Experiment

At the end of the year, Bon Appetit published a list of great recipes for using a Dutch Oven. One included in the group was called BA's Best Bread.  I still had some time off from work and thought it would be fun to try. A classic 3-day bread starting with a poolish. In typical … Continue reading A Bread-baking Experiment

CtBF -Fresh herb omelet

(BTW, I had to double-check that spelling... yep, what's in the book - not what I would normally type). This week's recipe for a French-style omelette is accompanied by more text descriptions of David's omelette experiences and ideas for accompaniments than there is for the recipe itself! That's a good thing, because it makes for … Continue reading CtBF -Fresh herb omelet

CtBF – Salt cod and potato purée 

This is called "brandade de morue" in French. It seems that it is closely related to some Italian preparations, since salt cod makes an appearance in that cuisine as well. I'm afraid that salt cod was never (ever) something I had in my household.  So this was an adventure of sorts. Salt cod, soaked for … Continue reading CtBF – Salt cod and potato purée 

Boned & Stuffed Chicken (this post is not for the faint of heart)

I have been making boneless stuffed birds for years. I think I started with Chef Paul Prudhomme's Roast Goose with Smoked Ham Stuffing and Spiced Peach Gravy. I'm not sure why I even tried to make it boneless. Or maybe I made a boneless turkey from Sunset magazine. In any event, boneless birds have made it … Continue reading Boned & Stuffed Chicken (this post is not for the faint of heart)

CtBF -Scalloped potatoes with blue cheese and roasted garlic

Wow, these may have been the best scalloped potatoes I've ever had! Today, I thought I'd use a BLUF - bottom line up front. Bottom line - these are amazing! And to be fair, I think that this is one of the times when an amazing-quality ingredient really was worth it. To back up, there … Continue reading CtBF -Scalloped potatoes with blue cheese and roasted garlic

CtBF – Baked eggs with kale and smoked salmon

Ramekins filled with baked eggs and other items are always a treat. Individual servings are always fun! This particular version includes sautéed kale with a good dose of garlic, smoked salmon and some cheese, along with house-made garlic crumbs to top it off.  I chose baby kale, since kale doesn't really really get very tender … Continue reading CtBF – Baked eggs with kale and smoked salmon

CtBF – Sardine Spread (rillettes de sardine)

This is an "extra" post for CtBF, since there was a 3rd Friday in September (that I am late for!). The idea was to have optional recipes that included ingredients that might not appeal to everyone. This week: Sardines. My rough calculation is that a bit over half of the group actually like sardines, and … Continue reading CtBF – Sardine Spread (rillettes de sardine)