CtBF -Fresh herb omelet

(BTW, I had to double-check that spelling… yep, what’s in the book – not what I would normally type). This week’s recipe for a French-style omelette is accompanied by more text descriptions of David’s omelette experiences and ideas for accompaniments than there is for the recipe itself! That’s a good thing, because it makes for a simple lunch for a day like today, though of course, it could make for a lovely, quick meal at any time.

Ingredients are pretty much always on hand. And I was still able to use some fresh parsley from the garden.


I’m usually not a home omelette person – sure, I like them at a restaurant, where they have myriad of filling and sauce options. This is a simple one, and I thought that it would be great to try. The eggs are beaten with a touch of cream, a bit of salt and a good grinding of pepper – the herbs are added as well.


Instead of the 10″ pan suggested, I used an 8″ pan – happily – I thought it would have been  the thickness of a crêpe if I had. I shouldn’t have bothered with the trying to get runny egg to slip under the initial egg cooked in the pan – I could never get it straightened out.

I too thought that the idea of the cheese in one line down the center didn’t make sense – so mine spilled over. I don’t like uncooked whites, but enjoy softly-cooked scrambled eggs – I got over-worried and cooked mine a bit too long. BUT, still lovely nonetheless. img_1391

This was fun, fast – and I really need to remember to make these!!!! This was a delicious lunch – and perfect for me. I think if I didn’t fuss, this could be done in less than 5 minutes. There’s always a bit of cheese on hand, some herbs… and some leftover veggies would be great too. (I wouldn’t mind those duck-fat fries that David mentions – but that’s not going to happen!). This would allow me a nutritious, fast lunch that will stick with me for the afternoon.

And while this is a perfect quick lunch, I can see this being a nice meal for dinner as well – and obviously breakfast. There are tweaks I will make (a little less butter, don’t fuss with the eggs, cook it a little less – try different cheese/fillings), but this was fun, because it really did help me with something I don’t do – and should – so a perfect start to a new year!!!


9 thoughts on “CtBF -Fresh herb omelet

  1. Happy New Year. This was definitely a good start, easy, no fuss, and most everything was in the fridge. That’s the kind of recipe I like. I never thought much about omelets except when I have know idea what to make for dinner. Jim is a good sport about eating, and if there is enough leftovers in fridge, I can make a pretty good omelet. But I will admit, following a recipe, this one turned out pretty good.

  2. Happy New Year, Candy! I made mine in the giant pan, and it was only as thick as a crepe. I didn’t think I would like that, but I did. Very different texture than I’m used to. On Thursday, I was reading an excerpt on the new book on Julia Child. It mentioned that she preferred the French spelling of “omelette” which I used instead of David’s spelling because, well, Julia always knows best!

  3. This was a wonderful way to start off the year, wasn’t it? I don’t make omelettes often enough, either, and David’s technique makes them perfect!

  4. Happy New Year! You and I did pretty much the exact same thing: 8-inch pan, futzed with the eggs thereby wrinkling them, cooking a tad too much. But who cares? It was still good!! I was weirded out by the spelling as well and had to keep checking myself.

  5. Outstanding process pictures. I fussed with the pictures more than I fussed with the cooking. I can’t do both. Love seeing you getting these pictures right as well. I love cooking duck and I save the duck fat. I should try that with omelet next time around.

  6. I enjoyed this omelet as much as you did. Great for a quick anything-for-one – breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack. It would be a good accompaniment to that delicious bread you baked! Nice photos also. I think omelette is french and omelet is plain old American. Happy New Year, Candy, although we’re already 10 days into the new year. Yikes.

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