ffwd – hummus

The good news is that I needed to have another appetizer for a party I planned for a weeknight. So, the fact that this amounted to buy, open, whirl, serve – was probably a good thing. With about four ingredients (canned chickpeas, garlic, lemon and tahini), it was pretty easy to put together. I had thought I’d need herbs, so I had some fresh from the garden on hand, but decided I’d initially follow the recipe. 

I don’t make hummus. I generally buy it. (I usually make Tuscan White Bean Dip) But one of my friends makes it all the time and told me about the Tahini sauce from Trader Joe’s. She hadn’t decided, but thought that it may have been what made hers even better, rather than the jar she typically buys from the Asian market. Once the afore-mentioned buy-open-whirl part was accomplished, I let this refrigerate overnight. I didn’t know if it would make a difference to have the cling wrap on the surface, so I stuck with that plan.

I served it with various pita and bagel chips, plus some red bell peppers (along with our other treats). I got lots of rave reviews and even a request for the recipe – so I guess that means it was a hit! I think it would be nice dressed up a bit too. Maybe with those herbs, or even roasted red peppers or green chiles. Lots of possibilities!

It will be fun to see what others did with this recipe – the first of our third year of Around My French Table!