ffwd – chicken tagine with sweet potatoes and prunes

This week’s recipe is an interesting one – something I’ve never made before. It includes many flavors I really like though in a bit of a different combination.

I decided to make a half-recipe because I wasn’t really intending on sharing – busy week ahead. I actually made this on Sunday (so, yes, I’m late posting). I decided to pick up new saffron, since what I had was pretty old, and it’s been a long time since I’d made an extravagant purchase for French Fridays. I thought that I was going to really score a deal – the grocery store (I thought) was having a buy one, get one free sale on spices. As it turned out – it was buy two, so at $20/jar, I decided I’d just pass on the “deal”. Otherwise, these are pretty typical things to have on hand. The other change was that I used skinless chicken thighs. I thought that without the fat, this was a pretty good-for-you dish.

Not surprising, the first step is to saute some onions. Then the spices & honey are added, and then some broth.

Finally, the prunes are added and simmered a bit to make a lovely concoction.

While all of that is going on, the chicken is browned. Then added to the pot, and topped with the sweet potatoes. That gets covered up and simmered for 45 minutes (we are reminded – no peeking!).

After it’s simmered, it produces a lovely broth, and tender chicken and potatoes. It can be reduced (after taking out the chicken and vegetables) further if desired. It can also be cooled and re-heated for serving (that’s what I did).

Dorie suggests serving this with quinoa, which I did – thinking that it was both a good idea to follow her suggestion, and also that it would add to the good-for-you quality of the recipe.

I liked this a lot. It was great leftover too, as I enjoyed this a few times this week. I don’t know if I would make it often, as the sweet flavors, while good, are something I try to stay away from (my sweet-addiction doesn’t really need encouragement). But very delicious, and a super-fun recipe to try.

5 thoughts on “ffwd – chicken tagine with sweet potatoes and prunes

  1. This is so great as leftovers. We’ve eaten it a few times and have one more meal left. So perfect for fall, don’t you think. Be sure to visit my tagine post and comment before Wednesday. so you have a chance to win the jar of honey I’m giving away 🙂

  2. After I finish making this comment, I am going to enjoy some leftover chicken tagine also. I made this for Friday night company and didn’t post until Sunday either. Just couldn’t get it done. Yikes, I purchased the saffron at Whole Paycheck (gulp! gulp!) but I felt it was a necessary flavor to compliment the tagine. Dorie told us that a braised dish only improved with time and she was right, huh? Your tagine plated nicely – very pretty and looks good.

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