ffwd – minted zucchini tagliatelle with cucumbers and lemon

This recipe kind of sent me for a loop, since unlike some of the other salads, this needs to marinate a little bit before serving (but not too much!). So timing this didn’t work out as well as I would have liked. Oh well, I’m looking forward to having it for lunch today alongside some chicken salad-stuffed tomatoes from the garden.

The idea is really nice, and I was looking forward to cutting strips of the zucchini to see how it would turn out. I decided on some fresh cherry tomatoes from the garden too, instead of the cucumber (which I’m sure would be a great flavor-combination with the mint). The onions get diced very finely, and then added to the bowl with the lemon zest and  quartered tomatoes (or cucumbers).

The zucchini is sliced. I used this cool tool that I have, but probably didn’t have it set to slice as thin as I would have liked. I also considered using my julienne tool, but decided to stick with the original idea.

Then everything gets tossed together with a dressing made with lemon juice and (in my version) walnut oil. The original recipe calls for pistachio – one of these days, maybe I’ll pick some up, but for today, and just a tablespoon or so, I stuck with walnut since I had it on hand). I ended up cutting the slices in half to make it more manageable. I hope that they will wilt a little in the dressing to give them a bit more of a tagliatelle look. If they were thinner, the ribbons would have looked better too I think. Next time.

This tastes really nice and fresh. Dorie suggests that zucchini and black pepper go together very well – I would say the same with the mint and pepper. I think this would be delicious with other salads as well for a luncheon (like the cafe-style carrot salad, or one of the beet salads).

I’ll post a comment after I’ve been able to have the salad once it’s been properly chilled and served. You can see how others have prepared this salad here.

12 thoughts on “ffwd – minted zucchini tagliatelle with cucumbers and lemon

  1. Candy, the addition of cherry tomatoes much have given the salad a nice splash of color! It all sounds nice and summery! Hope that you all enjoyed the end result – we loved it but we seem to be in the minority here…oh well, there are a lot of wonderful recipes coming up in September!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Nice job. I’ve been thinking that the salads we’ve been making for the group lately would be lovely to take to a barbeque – set side by side they’d be beautiful.

  3. So my update is: I think I would have liked this with some Rice Vinegar instead or in combination (I think I’ve had this happen before – maybe the all-lemon is a bit too tart for my taste). This wasn’t the most wonderful, but I still think in a buffet of salads it would be nice.

    Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. I think many of the Doristas did not enjoy this recipe, but at least we all gave it a shot. Your
    photos are very good and the salad does look delicious with tomato in it. Have a great

  5. I like the sound of those chicken-salad stuffed tomatoes. I think adding tomatoes was a great idea. This time of year I put tomatoes of anything I think of (though I didn’t think of putting them in this). I didn’t love it, but it was OK.

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