ffwd – dilled gravlax with mustard sauce

I'm a little behind, but still wanted to complete this recipe. It ended up as a New Year's brunch offering, as well as a light dinner. I have resolved (we'll see how long this lasts) to only eat home made bread this year (which so far means that I've baked more bread, not eaten less...), … Continue reading ffwd – dilled gravlax with mustard sauce

ffwd – roasted salmon and lentils

This recipe delivered on its promise. Delicious and easy. I've not cooked with lentils much. I'm not really a huge fan of the texture, but I was looking forward to trying the French du Puy lentils. They were a bit difficult to find, and a bit of a surprise because they're described as green. Well, … Continue reading ffwd – roasted salmon and lentils