CtBF -Spiced meatballs with Sriracha sauce

From when I first opened My Paris Kitchen, I noticed this recipe. Maybe it was the Sriracha. Maybe it was the picture of the author eating a sandwich on the street. Or maybe it was the lengthy story that went with it. I don’t know. What I do know is that I wanted to make it, and was pleased to see it come up on our calendar now.

Apparently this is a riff on an iconic merguez sandwich found in Paris. This version relies on a homemade “sausage” made into meatballs. The sauce is a simple combination of mayo and Sriracha. The recipe notes that you can use ground lamb, beef, or a combination of both – and notes this should not be lean. I chose lamb because I can get it locally, and I was pleased to find out that it had been freshly ground so that was my pick.

This ended up being a weeknight recipe, and I forgot to take pictures – but really, there wasn’t a lot to see. A lot of spices (coriander, cumin, fennel, cinnamon, allspice, sumac, paprika), along with salt, Sriracha, garlic and chopped cilantro. That all gets mixed together, then the lamb was mixed in. I let it sit in the refrigerator for about an hour (the recipe says it can sit in the refrigerator for up to 3 days – I thought that a little rest couldn’t hurt).

We had the option to bake or fry – I thought that baking (and only for 12-15 minutes!) seemed like a lot easier way to go – especially since I could put them on parchment. So I used a scoop to make the balls pretty even, and put them on the sheet. I was very pleasantly surprised that they didn’t put out a lot of grease, and they cooked nicely in the short time. Despite the short cooking time, they had a nice brown crust.

I was probably fixated on the picture of David eating a sandwich on the street – and while, if I thought about it – that was probably a baguette – I thought that Naan would be a great wrapper. I couldn’t get the small ones that I like – so sufficed with the larger ones. Heated on a grill, they are my favorite wrapper – including for hot dogs! Anyway, I served these a couple of ways – “deconstructed” as shown below..img_0968

and as a sandwich, as shown here.img_0964img_0965

Both worked great. And I sort of deconstructed the sandwich to eat it anyway. 🙂

These were a big hit. The sauce was terrific. I probably used a little less Sriracha to match my crew’s tolerance, but otherwise, everything was wonderful and tasty. Not a bite left!

I was surprised that they meatballs definitely tasted like “sausage”, so I think that he got the recipe right in re-creating at home. I didn’t taste the lamb very much, and was a little sorry about that – but I also thought that it was probably better than ground beef would be. Maybe a bit chunkier grind. The texture was terrific. The flavor was great. We didn’t miss any frying (or the mess after), and loved the sauce. I definitely could see these as an appetizer as well – as actually recommended in the recipe. All in all, a big hit. It was fun to make something where I really didn’t know what to expect. You can find out what other bloggers thought of this weeks recipe at Cook the Book Fridays.

9 thoughts on “CtBF -Spiced meatballs with Sriracha sauce

  1. Hi Candy! I’ve started baking my Italian meatballs too. Once my sister turned me onto that, I make them much more often. I was thinking these would be great rolled up in a sandwich. I have some leftovers, so maybe I should pick up some pita. I’m glad you and your crew enjoyed these. Me too.

  2. Your baked meatballs really look good. I fried mine because I only had about 18. Tricia’s son was on his way over and I wanted him to try them and thought that was quicker.

  3. Something about great minds, Candy. I did find the small Naans and made the meatballs into a wrap smothered in sauce. Have had for both a lunch and dinner. Ate a meatball or 3 or 4 right out of the oven but ate the rest as wraps. Froze half the batch. I hadn’t looked forward to making this recipe but it’s right up there with my favorites. I used lamb. No, the spices overwhelmed the lamb-i-ness taste but that was fine, I thought. The sauce calmed down the spice in the meatballs. Cannot wait to make these for friends. (No, selfish me, I didn’t share these with anyone.) Happy Labor Day Week-end. A well-deserved 3-day vacation for you, I hope.

  4. You and Mary may have won on serving ideas this round. I REALLY want these with naan, now! I agree with you about baking these. I hate frying things like meatballs. It makes such a mess and can make things greasier than I’d like. When things come out of the oven perfectly cook, why mess up the stovetop?

  5. NICE with the naan! Add a little tomato and lettuce and daaaaaaang! I also did the oven thing–so convenient! I agree about the lamb being better. I did half and half with my first round, but made an all-lamb round for a party yesterday. Lamb won hands down. not that it was bad with beef, but it had better texture with all lamb.

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