CtBF – chicken lady chicken

This chicken, as David describes it, is supposed to be the best of all chickens when purchased from “the chicken lady” in Paris. I can see that. I first started buying rotisserie chickens in Australia because it was so much more practical to do that than heat up the apartment – and they were delicious! I lived on the Gold Coast (on the beach!! I thought it would likely be my only opportunity with the cost of beachside residences in the US). It was a wonderful time filled with scuba diving, and long walks on the beach and amazing sunrises. Oh, and “roast dinners”, and particularly chickens. 

Now, I vascilate between roasting my own, and the immediate satisfaction of a freshly cooked rotisserie chicken. What I find is that the purchased ones are great at them moment. But lack nice texture once cooled. 

Anyway, I was intrigued by the recipe. David suggests that the chicken can be cooked on the grill. The first time I made it – I got a US sized half chicken, and did just that. 

Well, as it turned out, I got it too hot (and the chicken was too big, I think). It was really good, and the not-burned bits of skin were delicious. It was pretty good. 

Since I’d made this early, I decided to try another one – but this time as a beer can chicken. You can almost never go wrong with one – the chicken bastes itself, and it’s difficult to burn since no part of the meat touches the grill. I marinated it again, and put the whole thing together. Did my normal thing on the grill… Um

Well, the honey in the marinade just really is difficult to manage on a grill, no matter what. The marinade actually laquered the skin. Looks better in the photo on the grill than it really was. 

So. I loved the process (even though I don’t often love marinated meats). I thought it was fun and charming, but I suspect that the 2 times that I made this will likely be the last. The chicken was good, we enjoyed it. It was fun to make and experiment with. I suspect others who resorted to their ovens had more success. You can find out what they thought here

I’ll be looking forward to seeing how their chickens turned out – I hope you’ll visit them and see for yourself!

17 thoughts on “CtBF – chicken lady chicken

  1. That chicken looks absolutely gorgeous! I’m glad you added in that it wasn’t as good as it looked because dang! I really love posts like this where people experiment and try stuff out, though what a bummer that it wasn’t really for you. 😦

    1. Well, it was good, just not really worth the planning ahead – at least for me. But fun. I just usually find myself ready to make a recipe like this and then read it – “let it marinate for 1-2 days… oops!”

  2. Though delicious, it seems like the verdict is that it’s more trouble than it’s worth. The marinade can be a keeper though. Or you could go back to Australia.

    1. Going back to Australia sounds fun! But I have to admit, probably not soon – besides, I have friends to finally “meet” in person! Need to do that first!

  3. I really like to eat crispy, crispy so I would have picked off the skin of your first try and loved it. You are more ambitious than I at giving it a go twice. My chicken was too big (5 pounds) which made it unwieldy. I do agree, however, that it is moist. I froze half of it. Here’s looking at you, chicken salad. Your beer can chicken looks amazingly beautiful, I think. Shiny, shiny, shiny. Like you, I probably won’t be making this again. Don’t you wish we could have met up in New Haven with Betsy and Katie?

  4. Your first try with the half chicken was brilliant! and I will just pretend I did not see your second chicken (with the beer can)… both delish!

  5. I grilled mine too, and also charred my skin, though I loved the flavor. Next time I might try grilling it over indirect heat to see if that helps.

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