Garden Update


So far, pretty much so good, here. It’s been a cool, windy, rainy spring. By Mid-May our overnight temperatures are supposed to not dip below 55, so safe to plant (per my Dad). That still hasn’t happened, but plant away, I have!

These are actually pictures from a week or two ago when I was going to post. I was excited to see the success of the plant shelters I bought. A true hit, though I wish I had purchased one more. They worked perfectly for the tomatoes, and pretty well for the peppers (one of my main goals was to keep varmints out of the plants!).

The tomatoes probably grew almost a couple of feet. I did open the tops when we had bees around so that they could get to the blossoms. There were even a few tomatoes setting by the time I opened them. I decided that even though it was breezy, they needed to be out in the open, and have their supports added.

For the rest of the garden, I hadn’t bought flowers yet. I’d concentrated on getting a good start for the edibles. Not a fabulous selection – and if I would either order online, or start seedlings, I could have a better variety. But this worked for the moment.


Tucked in there was a 12-pack of marigolds to go around my edible plants to discourage those other rascals. As well, a little lobelia, which is a favorite – though it probably won’t last over the summer.

I did have a little help in the garden – Milo loves being outside.



I was super-excited to see the little tomatoes forming! It’s always so much fun to see your efforts pay off (well, it will be!!)


I’ve added a few plants, and had to replace a little basil (not warm enough when I started them). And I think I have the watering generally balanced out – though there’s still a bit to do. The garden continues to be a source of enjoyment. And the birds love it too, so more to come!


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