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For the past several years, I’ve been part of a couple of cooking groups that have participated in Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day. Mardi Michels of Eat, Live, Travel, Write was our original ambassador, and Andrea Mohr has become one as well. She sponsored a Food Revolution Day as well, and you can find posts here.

At Cook the Book Fridays, we decided to make an iconic dish that every person should know how to make – that is, the Quiche. I was reminded that I learned how to make quiche when I was a broke university student. Many a Quiche Lorraine graced the table. They are versatile and delicious. And really quite frugal as well, since they make a tasty way to use up small amounts of cheese, vegetables or meats.

Our version this week is a bit more high-toned than that, but still a great recipe and still great basic technique. Ham, blue cheese, and pear quiche – or tarte salee us jambon, au bleu, et aux poires. The crust in this version was a departure as it included cornmeal in the recipe. Otherwise, fairly simple – flour, salt, butter, egg. And the filling consisted of shallots, ham, blue cheese, cream, cream cheese, eggs and parsley, along with a diced pair to compliment the salty ham and pungent blue cheese.

The quiche gets baked for about an hour. Mine took longer than the 40-50 minutes per the recipe, but I assumed that was because I used a pie pan in lieu of the springform pan. The pie ends up with a delicious golden crust, and puffs up nicely. The addition of the cream cheese in the custard brought some body to the filling as well.



Was this my favorite quiche? No. I didn’t love the cornmeal in the crust which made it even more “short” and with a sandy texture. I would skip that if I made it again. And as much as I love blue cheese and the combination here – it really was a little strong for me. It was good, and enjoyed, even. But I would probably switch back to a more classic cheese – gruyere, comte, or even a cheddar.

Nevertheless, I am still convinced that that quiche is still an essential dish. And one well suited to Food Revolution Day – where people (and especially children) are encouraged to cook, and share and enjoy.

Others in our group have participated in Food Revolution Day as well. You can find all of their quiches here.

5/21/16: ps, I forgot to include Jamie Oliver’s “starter pack of recipes“. All great recipes for a beginning (or just busy) cook.



15 thoughts on “CtBF| Food Revolution Day

  1. I envy your ability to make the perfect pie crust. Your crusty rim is beautiful. Even if I hadn’t used a springform pan (David told me to), I couldn’t have knocked off that beautiful-looking quiche. Just look at your last photo. Gorgeous. Several of you sisters didn’t like the corn meal in the crust. Luckily, I did. And, David’s crust worked for me better than Dorie’s ever has. I think I am the only person on the planet to maintain a constant Fail Record when making Dorie’s pastry crust. Very nice FRD post, Candy. This is our fourth year together doing this.

  2. I started making quiche during college too. I love it most ways. I don’t have a favorite at all, but this one sure was delicious!

  3. Your quiche looks great! Like you, I thought that this quiche is nice but it is not the favourite in my house, and we love quiches! The filling is a little too rich and a slice is very filling!

  4. I’m sorry this one wasn’t a favourite for you. I chose a very mild blue cheese and it mellowed really well in the quiche. I agree with everything you say about quiche, too – versatile, frugal, rich, and satisfying. A “must know” indeed!

  5. I love how you crimped your crust… so elegant! I wasn’the sure I would like the cornmeal crust, but was surprised to like it. Sorry to hear yours was not a huge hit!

  6. Beautiful quiche, Candy! You know, I’ve never made the crust from River Cottage and shall now have to try it. I thought the cornmeal was good, but I prefer working with Dorie’s crust. Completely agree with quiche being a must-know kind of recipe!

  7. Hi Candy, I don’t make quiche often but I love that it is so versatile. Your quiche looks perfectly baked, love how the crust looks, so pretty.

  8. Sorry, the cornmeal in the crust was not a hit for you. I actually enjoyed the flavor it imparted. Yes, quiche is definitely a “must know” recipe.
    Yours looks truly lovely with your crimped crust. Magazine worthy!

  9. I love your crust! beautiful. I think the recipe just made the quiche take longer, I don’t think it was a result of not using the springform pan as mine did not set. I do not make quiche a lot, but did like this one.

  10. Your crust is beautiful! Wow! I am not very good at making crusts at all. Even though you didn’t like it so much, it looked fantastic!

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