ffwd – smoked salmon waffles

I have been wanting to make these waffles for some time. Mind you, I’m not even a fan of smoked salmon (at least the lox-ish variety), but I have a number of people who are, who will almost always choose that given the opportunity. And the photo of the dish in around my french table is beautiful. So I was pleased that these finally were chosen for one of our recipes this month. As it turned out, one of the people who most love salmon, my mom, was visiting for Mother’s Day. The main festivities were going to be in the afternoon, but that still left brunch!


As usual, I really didn’t read the recipe (when will I ever learn?), so I thought that the salmon was served with the waffles, not in them! Since this was brunch, I also decided against the caviar – I’m not a fan of salmon roe anyway, but it just didn’t seem like the thing.

The batter is quite simple – the typical ingredients, with chopped green onions, chives and smoked salmon added to the batter. Also, I’m a bit fussy about my salmon. I love that I can get Coho smoked salmon at the market. It’s actually my favorite variety (unless I’ve just caught a king salmon, and am grilling it that day!). My bias is coming out – don’t buy sockeye if you can avoid it, or Atlantic either.


My great idea of bringing the traditional waffle iron down from the north got left behind, along with that iron. I loved the look of Dorie’s tiny stacks, so cute. I only have a Belgian iron here, so it would have to do. I planned to use the crème fraîche, along with capers and a few onions to top off the dish.


I have to say, they still looked pretty cute. And were a big hit! Of course, a little glass of Gloria Ferrer didn’t go amiss. As you can see above, it was a good choice for Mothers Day. And then, my oldest brother stopped by for a nibble once he’d gotten his errands done (we would be celebrating his wife and mother-in-law in addition to our mom, so he had “responsibilities”). For him, I went with a different presentation – this one worked well too.


I thought this was really good. I loved the savory, slightly salty flavor of the waffles, that made for a nice change of pace. Since I’m not the big fan of lox, I actually enjoyed them more plain than with all of the other stuff. They are particularly good hot off the iron. But these were a big hit, and were an unusual change of pace for a smoked salmon choice on the menu.

16 thoughts on “ffwd – smoked salmon waffles

  1. I also just assumed that they were waffles with smoked salmon ON them instead of IN them, and was quite surprised when I finally got around to reading the recipe. When will we learn!

    And how nice that you got to serve this recipe on such a special ocassion with someone who really enjoys smoked salmon.

  2. I’m going to try to make them this weekend and I don’t care if anybody who likes salmon is around as I think I would do quite well to just eat them all myself. These look wonderful!

    1. Thanks! Though I couldn’t help thinking of stuff on toast. You’ve made such an impact! I think you will enjoy these.

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  3. A delightful post. The waffles for Mother’s Day celebration are so elegant! But I won’t mind the full portion!

  4. How perfect for brunch! I hope you mom enjoyed it. I was snickering imagining how you’d be catching a king salmon in Arizona…

  5. I love salmon! I could live only on salmon and for a while I actually did eat smoked salmon everyday for a week!!! I was not able to do this last week but I am going to make it very soon. Your waffles do look really cute!

  6. What a nice Mother’s Day meal. (I totally missed the salmon IN the waffles and put mine on top… obviously, I don’t read either..)

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