ffwd – braised cardamom-curry lamb

Made this recipe once I found some lamb that wasn’t $12/lb. I like lamb and was looking forward to it. I even like curries that are more Indian-style, though over the past several years, my preferences have leaned to more Thai and southeast Asian flavors. I had just made some amazing cranberry fig chutney from Bobby Flay, so I thought that it would work out well and compliment the dish

I did end up with some process photos, but to be honest, most of them turned out to be ranging from a mess of yellow/pinkish brown, to an altogether brown mish-mash. Not as appealing as the dish itself.




I followed the recipe pretty much exactly, with the sauteeing of aromatics, and browning of meat in the spices.


The one thing that I did change was that I added about a half-cup of coconut cream powder. I thought that the stew could use a little more body – and what curry isn’t better with some coconut milk?


All-in-in all, this was a pretty tasty dish. I don’t know that I will be making it often, but it was a nice change of pace.

15 thoughts on “ffwd – braised cardamom-curry lamb

  1. Glad you enjoyed – the extortion price we have to pay for lamb up here, combined with the concept that no one in my house will touch lamb, turned me to beef as a substitute.
    I love the addition of the coconut powder!
    Good luck with the switch out on your site.

  2. You’re right lamb is expensive!! I never thought of using coconut powder (I’ve always used coconut milk) but that’s a good addition without additional liquid. Gonna give that a try next time I want boost of coconut taste.

  3. mmmm, cranberry chutney sounds delicious. I bet that would pair perfectly with this dish.

    I agree that this one was definitely difficult to photograph, but your meal still looks tasty.

  4. I like the photos that you took! I don’t often take process photos because my kitchen doesn’t get a lot of natural light and it is so difficult to take a good photo. I have never seen coconut cream powder, but I bet it did add body and flavor to the sauce. Mmmm…I found lamb for $8.99/lb which I thought was expensive, but Kudos to you for paying $12/lb. It was well worth the cost, though, don’t you agree?! Such a delicious dish. Your cranberry fig chutney sounds like the perfect accompaniment for this!

  5. LOL, I probably won’t make this again, unless someone requests a curry and I want to throw something different in the mix… but it was pretty tasty right?

  6. I used to get coconut cream powder when I lived in Australia. Then brought some back when I was in Singapore (for some reason, I think I’d read it was illegal to sell in the US), but now it’s available – at, of course, Amazon. Another great place for unusual ingredients is importfood.com. You can even get fresh lime leaves!

  7. I have never heard of coconut cream powder either so thank you for introducing me to that product (and, showing a picture of the box so I know what to look for). I haven’t read further into your Blog this week but I hope you gave us the recipe for cranberry fig chutney. Oh, I just looked, you did and I just clicked on it. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving. I’d love to know your Turkey Day Menu.

  8. I love the idea of adding a little coconut flavour to this stew – sounds wonderful! I hear you on trying to photograph stew, especially one with tumeric. Brown and yellow intensified by kitchen lighting. Very challenging, indeed.

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