ffwd – pumpkin-gorgonzola flans

I really hesitated when it was time to make this recipe. It was actually one that I chose for a November recipe. They looked so beautiful in the book… well, and why wouldn’t they be good? But I had a nagging feeling that they just wouldn’t work. After all, I’m the original person who puts together a dinner party with un-tested recipes, just based on ingredients and how I think things will go together – and it pretty much always turns out! Despite my doubts, I decided to go ahead and make the recipe as written, since the other recipes had been good despite their simplicity.

But here’s the thing, they do look beautiful, but as a fan of savory pumpkin-ish things, well, they didn’t cut it. They were bland. There’s really no other way to describe them. If they’d had more gorgonzola, maybe. But what I really missed were all of the spices and herbs that I’d expect in a terrific pumpkin soup. Tried the honey drizzle too… it just, well…

Ingredients ready to go: toasted walnuts, pumpkin, cream, eggs, gorgonzola…
and it’s nice that I get to use my little ramekins!

The baking dishes ready to go –
I did think that the layers of paper towels was a great idea – no slipping!!

ingredients into the blender

the last little seasoning of pepper

ready to pop into the oven
the last step before baking will be to put boiling water in the outer pan about half-way up the sides

just barely out of the oven
the cheese is still bubbling!

after cooling to warm, or room temperature, it’s time for a bite

 So, while the recipe is easy, and they turned out exactly as described, I just wouldn’t make these again. Unless of course I added a bunch of seasonings (maybe Mexican or Southwestern), and topped it with some salty queso fresco, and maybe some pepitas… now that sounds pretty yummy!

5 thoughts on “ffwd – pumpkin-gorgonzola flans

  1. Ur looks exactly like the book, mine was very lite coz the pumpkin i got was very lite:-(DEliciously dedlightful!I wud make it again with herbs and ur ideas sound yummy, but i dont know when ,coz i have so muc bookmarked+local food+ working around french table:-)

  2. I agree…the flan part was a little bland…perhaps a bit more seasoning in the base (I tried to not over do the salt because I thought the cheese would be salty enough). If nothing else, yours came out beautifully!

  3. Bummer, I want these to taste good so bad,..cus they look so Delish!! But darn it Im hearing mixed reviews..some good some bad..Oh well I guess we all have diff. taste Buds..I thought I would try mine with some Sweet Potatoes and brown suga..you know just change the recipe up! Yours sure look great!

  4. I think your suggestion sounds great. When I started thinking about it, I thought the caramel base would be good too.. Though then it gets to be a different recipe altogether… 🙂

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