CtBF – Brussels Sprouts and “the best day ever”

In a long lifetime of days, it might be a bit much to say literally “the best day ever“, but easily this counts as a really great day. I’ve been blogging along with a group of now friends for 8 years – the original group formed was French Fridays with Dorie, and we cooked through Around my French Table, by Dorie Greenspan. Relatively early on (I wasn’t there, so the details are fuzzy), a number of the group attended a blogging conference and met each other, and met Dorie herself. As if we weren’t already enamored, after that meeting the stories of Dorie’s charm and loveliness catapulted us to super fans. To be honest. I was green. I was just barely following along, with no intention of being a professional blogger, so the conference really just didn’t register – until I heard about the experience. I’ve been jealous, I’ll admit it.

Until Tuesday.

The group has largely stayed together, whether just trying to keep track, stay in touch, meet up (!), or cook together. Many of us have stayed with the new incarnation of our group – Cook the Book Fridays. But now, there’s a new energy. Dorie has just published her second savory cookbook Every Day Dorie – the Way I Cook. And she published her tour schedule! At once I saw that she’d be in Seattle. Easy! I can always find a reason to be in Seattle. I was further delighted to find that one of the events was an evening one, which meant that I could work and then mostly just have fun. It was hosted by the Hot Stove Society and consisted of a welcome glass of bubbly, a tasting of several dishes, demonstrations, Q&A, and a book and signing. Heaven! Waiting for the main event, I was pretty excited about a Dorie-sighting. Not wanting to be too obnoxious about photos (what was I thinking, this is a foodie event?), I did take a few photos during the run-up.


We were ushered into our seats, I was also a little jealous of the folks in the front row – but of course, I’m sure they are regulars at the cooking school. My seat turned out just fine! Great view.

They demo’d and chatted, and we tasted. I don’t know how anyone could be more charming and adorable, and truth be told, helpful! My Newest Gougeres (they look like ours too!), Honey Mustard Salmon Rillettes (they used hot smoked salmon because it’s the west coast – me too! And Dorie really liked it!), Oven Charred Tomato Stuffed Peppers (yum), Lower East Side Tart (mark that page!!) (Dorie uses my same method for pastry – forget chilling it until it’s hard as a rock and then trying to roll it out… roll it between parchment, and then chill it! Yay! – vindication!), and finally Shrimp Tacos (the salsa was particularly good). Michael even sat in the back and took it all in. Who knew that the Jammer Tarts from her cookie book are the only recipe she literally dreamed up? The things we learn.

After all of this, the patient wait for the signing came. Dorie chatted with everyone, and was charm herself. At my turn, I could hardly contain my excitement – I introduced myself and her eyes sparkled as she asked if I was joining in on Cook the Book Fridays – well, of course!!! We mentioned the crew, and of course, she’s super aware of all of the original cast of characters. She jumped up, hugged and kissed – and of course I had to have a couple of photos (kind of like Proof of Life!), which she adorably complied with.

Then. She asked – would I send them to her – I do Instagram, right? Um. No. (Candy hangs her head in shame), so she pulled the post-it off my book and proceeded to write down her cell phone so that I could text them to her. I kid you not! Not at all certain that there is a more talented + down-to-earth person around.

But oh, the Brussels! I actually made these the same day that I finished my traditional Thanksgiving menu & recipes. Putting it together, I debated about using the ones from Everyday Dorie. But honestly, I’d done some research after having the single best thing I ate in Orlando over a whole week’s stay – some BBQ Brussels Sprouts – caramelized and a bit sweet, savory, & spicy. Those are in the menu. Even at the time, I knew that I might be making a mistake.

These are super simple. Trim and halve the sprouts. Steam them until just barely tender (or even shy of).


What I didn’t do, but will do in future, is to quickly stop the steaming of the sprouts by a quick blast into ice water. It’s in the recipe, I just didn’t think I’d take so long to finish the dish.

Bacon is also crisped up. I’m usually the one who likes to cut it up first to make it manageable – or you can cook it and then cut it. That gets drained on paper, but the drippings reserved.

In a small bowl, mix a 2:1 ratio of pure maple syrup and  grainy mustard. When you’re ready to serve, the drippings get heated, along with a bit of oil if needed. The sprouts are added and allowed to caramelize nicely and heat through. The maple-mustard mixture is added and allowed to thicken just a bit, and finally the bacon is tossed in, off the heat. Ready to serve.


And I just have to say, not only is this recipe gorgeous – it’s amazingly delicious. Back in Michigan as a kid, we never really had Brussels sprouts because they were always boiled, overcooked bitter mushy things. I doubt we ever had them at home (what? when you can have asparagus or artichokes – please!!??). I actually just made these for dinner at home, and one bite and my mom was exclaiming!! I mean – she really, really loved them! Well, and of course I did too – which leads me to my potential regret in my menu. This is so simple, and so incredibly delicious, I have to make them again – and soon.

So, back to my “best day ever”. After making my way back to the hotel, I decided to stop at the bar and have an adult beverage. Not really hungry, still too early to actually call it a day, and just thinking it would be nice to wind down a bit. This is a new place to stay, and certainly new to me, nice relaxed vibe. There was another girl sitting at the bar. For some incredibly odd reason, we struck up a conversation – I was probably feeling uncharacteristically social after the terrific evening. As it turns out, I mentioned that I’d been having the best evening, explained what it was, pulled out the cookbook, and a conversation ensued. Hillary’s job is to interview home cooks all over the country (the west?) and she and her team have a pretty cool job. She’s obviously good at it because the next thing you know, we’re talking about my blog, our group, and then – Thanksgiving. Because of course, I had to talk about these Brussels sprouts and my potentially unfortunate choice (which I can freely change – no worries). We talked cooking vs. baking. Using mixes as a basis for some things (is it ok?) – and how she researched and created a recipe for her dad when the date bar mix he used for his fruitcake was no longer available. And both of our Thanksgiving plans and strategies (boys must be outside making at least 1 turkey – it’s a must!). I had no idea that it was unusual to have rules about what has to be included in a Thanksgiving feast. Who doesn’t insist that there must be corn, cranberries, turkey, sweet potatoes, some kind of squash – preferably winter, and probably regular potatoes too? I mean, really? They don’t have to be a traditional use (sweet potato pie? cornbread dressing?), but they have to be there. I guess I’m weird. The bartender even got into the conversation – pies and a “bleeding” cat cake… between his trips outside to smoke… it’s Seattle.

When I got back to my room a bit later, I got to end my day with another “best day ever”. I’d sent out my menus early in the week. Got a text from one of my nieces…



You can follow along with our adventures at Cook the Book Fridays, as we finish up My Paris Kitchen and dive in full speed into Everyday Dorie. You can find the recipe for Maple Syrup and Mustard Brussels Sprouts here.

Oh, and a quick hint, if you’ve never picked up Around My French Table, you can get a steal of a deal on the Kindle version on Amazon. All of us who have cooked through it have copies that are falling apart, but it’s still one that I get out on a weekly basis – so many great recipes.

And seriously, join us! This cookbook is amazing. And it’s so much fun to see how everyone else does with a particular recipe. It’s truly a great community.



17 thoughts on “CtBF – Brussels Sprouts and “the best day ever”

  1. I don’t even know where to start… so much to unpack here! Dorie is the best, for sure… which keeps us inspired and makes our group such a warm and happy place to be. Those pictures are a treasure. That alone would have been “Best Day Ever” but the serendipitous way the rest of the evening went? So happy for you.

    I am super curious about the barbecue Brussels sprouts. Are they tossed in a Barbecue spice blend (onion, paprika, chili powder, etc) or were they saucy? Either way, I would be all over them.

    And as the proud owner of a more than halfway apart copy of AMFT, I rushed to Amazon to download the Kindle version. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Happy to help! When I saw the Kindle version I had to share. I have to admit to having more than a couple of cookbooks in both versions. Makes it simple to look up recipes while I’m shopping!!

      It really was a phenomenal evening. One for the books! The Brussels in my Menu were a spice blend and some coconut sugar. I’ll try them out and let you know. :).

      I agree, this group is like a warm embrace.

      I was excited to see one of my former colleagues holding a pet adoption event in PR. I fell in love with your island years ago when I worked on opening stores there. Seems like progress to have an event like that. At least I’m hopeful!!

      Thanks for your kind words!!

  2. Wow, that was definitely “one best day”! How wonderful that you get to meet Dorie in person!
    This dish is delicious, and looks like a winner for all of us who have tried it! Yum! I will definitely make this again!

  3. Candy, I was so looking forward to reading this post and about your day and WOWEE(!) it was even better than I expected! I was like you, in that I wasn’t really paying attention in those early days when they all went to that conference (though I think I had a very young child at that point too), and it was only later that I was wishing I’d been more aware! Anyway, what a fabulous day and what a menu!! Glad the brussels sprouts worked out well and I am also like you in that I chop the bacon into lardons before crisping them so it is more even and faster. 🙂 SO glad everything went well! What amazing memories you shall have.

  4. That sounds absolutely wonderful, Candy! I’m so glad that so many of our group will see Dorie on this tour. It’s a nice way to kick off cooking together again.

  5. What a wonderful post this is!! You had a great book signing session with Dobie, and thanks for updating Dorie on CtBF! Delicious results on your sprouts!

  6. Dear Candy:

    Totally enjoyed your “best day ever” story… and reading about Thanksgiving, of course, takes me back to special Thanksgivings long ago – you know the ones in Beaverton…

    Have a wonderful celebration with your dear ones, and give them our love too, along with you and Carolyn!!!



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    1800 S. Richter Rd.

    Suttons Bay, MI 49682

    Office: 231-271-4699

    Cell: 231-271-4636

  7. what a great day! dorie is a super friendly and classy lady…it just feels nice to be making her recipes. these sprouts were delicious! and i also have thanksgiving rules— that dinner is not to be messed with! haha.

  8. Oh boy, where to begin. I LOVE AND AGREE WITH EVERYTHING IN THIS POST LOL !!!!!!!!! Oh man it was so fun to read more details about what happened in Seattle. And yes, as consistent I am not remotely surprised that Dorie just gave you her cell. But seriously people – who does that ??? She is absolutely amazing and has the biggest heart. I am utterly delighted that you had so a wonderful experience. You also did a fabulous job describing the history and dynamics of our little group 🙂 Of course I love that you add the ! for meet ups lo.l. Gosh I have great memories of that restaurant we lucked into finding in NJ …what a gem. Here’s to the next meet up and meanwhile kudos on that amazing Thanksgiving menu, you are amazing !!

  9. wow! Definitely sounds like you had the best day ever! To be able to watch her cook AND meet her! how amazing! happy to join you all in cooking through dorie’s book! I hope I can keep up!

  10. Best day ever, for sure! She is so genuine and warm. I’m so happy you had a chance to finally meet her!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Your menu looks wonderful!

  11. Well, Ms. Candy, you finally had your “Seattle moment” and more. Soooooo, no more whining about missing the food blogging convention in Seattle. LOL Loved, loved, loved your blog post. It was all personality with some mighty fine tips thrown in. I need to grab my cookbook and write “Candy Tips” next to the recipes you discussed. Thanks for sharing those. I never pegged you for a gal who ‘hangs out at the bar after dark’ but You Go, Girl. Dorie is everything you describe and more. She just gets better and better. Is there anyone you know who is so universally loved? I am glad you had a fabulous experience. Your annual Thanksgiving menu sounds even better this year. My Melissa says she’s found a recipe to cook a turkey in an hour. I e-mailed her back that I didn’t enjoy raw turkey. We shall see but I might stop by if it’s not looking hopeful in Bishop, California. (FYI – Am in Grand Rapids tonight. Cold. Snowy. But visited my last museum today. The staff made a very big deal over it and I received a crystal Presidential Libraries paperweight and will receive a recognition certificate from the Archives. Very pleased.) Happy Thanksgiving

  12. I love everything about this post! I saw Dorie twice last weekend in San Francisco and she’s coming to Toronto next month too! You definitely had your Dorie moment but I’ll sand beside you and join you in being one of those who missed out on being in Seattle with everyone else which I am still sad about ! (um, couldn’t take time off school at the start of the school year to attend a blogging conference…..).

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