CtBF – Gazpacho

imageIn My Paris Kitchen, gazpacho is described as more of an icy salad than a thin soup or juice. I like mine that way too – this one is maybe a bit of a combination. I was happy to see this right now, because tomato season is winding down, and so it would be perfect timing – and too late soon enough.

I did a recommended combination of techniques – diced the other vegetables (cucumber, red bell pepper, red onion), but used a few pulses in the processor for the tomatoes that had been peeled and seeded, along with a bit of bread – presumably for body. I used a few different types because I wanted the absolute most ripe ones possible.

Other than the veggies, garlic, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and some piment d’Esplette – and a tablespoon of vodka. We’re told the vodka makes the soup taste even colder. Unsure about that one.

I thought it would be a lot easier to serve in a pitcher – I thought it would be beautiful in a Mexican glass one I have.

The gazpacho is to be served with herbed goat cheese toasts. I didn’t make new – already had some. And made some garlicky toasts. Also, a little avocado to go on top along with some olives – very tasty with the gazpacho too.

This was a big hit. Delicious refreshing, and with the toasts, substantial enough for dinner. Certainly a great way to use tomatoes when you’re a little tired of salsa (really?) or fresh tomato sauce. Altogether a great recipe!

8 thoughts on “CtBF – Gazpacho

  1. I like to serve soup in a pitcher whether at a seated dinner party or buffet (like yours, I think). Anyway, I thought about doing it but my Gazpacho was so thick that I felt when someone tried to drink it (if they didn’t use a spoon) that it would come out in a big “clunk”). I like this recipe. Using different tomatoes is a great idea. Next time I make it I will leave out the bread, I think. The vodka? The jury’s out. I had never heard that one before.

  2. It looks beautiful in your lovely pitcher, Candy. And what a great idea to serve it with the avocados and olives. I love the combination of garlic toast and herbed cream cheese – a perfect end-of-summer meal!

  3. I love your idea of serving this from a pitcher (and it’s a beautiful pitcher!) Sometimes I made “Mexican” gazpacho by adding cilantro and using lime juice instead of vinegar. I love the avocado on top. This recipe is the perfect last hurrah for summer and the fleeting tomato season.

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