ffwd – mme. maman’s chopped liver

This is one dish that I was happy to try. I actually like chicken livers – it was always a treat to have rumaki at a party or chicken liver pate (that I sometimes still make) that one of my folks’ friends would bring over when I was a kid. This is simple enough, if you can just get past the idea of the livers themselves. I’m sure some in our group have struggled, but I’ve learned over the years that sometimes you just have to get through a little to arrive at a great dish. There are few items in this dish, essentially onions, livers, perhaps some hard-boiled eggs, and some French Four Spice – that I was happy to see I had in my spice cabinet.


The onions get chopped and browned in a bunch of oil, then drained. The livers are cooked in the same pan until browned, but still barely pink on the inside so that they don’t get tough and chalky. They cool a bit, and then they are roughly chopped, then mixed along with the spices and eggs – all with a good dose of salt and pepper.

I served mine with just some simple crackers, though it would have been really good with some pumpernickel slices, or even French bread rounds.

100_3023I actually thought this was delicious, though it’s pretty rich for an average treat. I thought that the French spices were a really good addition. I am not as sure about the hard-boiled eggs, though I’m not sure why – maybe the way I cut them up? But this was a nice dish. I hope that the other Doristas survived the recipe. It will be fun to see how they fared – you can find the links to their posts here.

9 thoughts on “ffwd – mme. maman’s chopped liver

  1. I’m a huge fan of chopped liver. I liked the spice in this version. To chop eggs, I always grate them on my potato masher. Glad you enjoyed it too!

  2. So cool that you had this spice on hand from Penzey’s- I will definitely pick some up the next time I stop at our local one. And nice that you enjoyed it and knew you would going in. My hubby enjoyed it and I actually think he may make it himself in the future, knowing how good it tasted, how simple and how inexpensive it was. Hopefully I will be away on business……:)

  3. I actually ended up liking the chopped chicken livers although I threw the mixture in the processor and whirled it into a paté which was more palatable to me. I doubled the eggs and chopped them finely before stirring them into the mix with a rubber spatula. Call me crazy but I though the hard-boiled eggs made the cholesterol-laden paté seem more heart-friendly. I just didn’t grow up in a liver household and patés were not something my midwestern parents even knew about. Glad you enjoyed the week’s work and the result.

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