Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

I had seen a KAF blog post about these cupcakes, and decided that they were a perfect idea for an upcoming birthday party. After all, for this crew, lemon meringue pie was a favorite flavor, but somehow, didn’t seem exactly right for the event. Essentially, they are white cupcakes, filled with lemon curd and topped with meringue. The idea that I really liked from the blog post, rather than the original recipe is using meringue powder instead of fresh egg whites – that way, there were no concerns about raw eggs. Plus there would be no weeping – by the cupcakes or by me if they did!!

I baked the cupcakes from the recipe as presented. This was a traditional cupcake recipe, rather than just a cake batter made as cupcakes. That means that the batter is much thicker, and so the crumb of the cake is different. (and it made just 12 cupcakes) To be honest, next time I will make a different batter, not that these weren’t tasty – and they baked perfectly.

I made the meringue next. It’s a simple syrup, then the powder is added, and then whipped until it hold stiff peaks – I could have even done mine a bit longer, I think. It takes several minutes.

I happened to have real, traditional lemon curd on hand, so I didn’t bother with making any, though the site had an easy version that I might try a different time. The cakes are hollowed out – I used an apple corer – and then filled with the lemon curd. I used a piping bag, and that turned out to be super easy.

Once the cakes are filled with the lemon curd, then they are topped with the meringue. I thought it would be fun and fancy to pipe the topping on, but it could have just been swirled.

Finally, it was time to use my fun kitchen tool – the torch! It’s easy to brown the tops of the cupcake meringue and makes them look oh-so professional!!!

These were a huge hit. For the evening, I actually made two kinds (I need to make the others again – not enough photos to write a post about!), and these were a favorite of many. I will definitely make these again – substituting out a different cake recipe. Very festive and fun!!

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