ffwd – cafe-style grated carrot salad

I’m not sure how much I can offer with this recipe. It’s good. I’ve made it before. And others similar to it (since as far as I can tell, there’s not much that is particularly French about a grated carrot salad). But, I have a super-handy, fun little tool that I use for things like this, so maybe, just maybe, there’s something to be gained from here.

I am actually making cupcakes today for a birthday party (hopefully they will show up here in a few days – fudgey chocolate with a salted caramel frosting <topped with Hawaiian Red Salt>, and lemon meringue cupcakes). But since it’s Friday, and I didn’t get my salad done earlier in the week, here we go!

Of course, super simple. Dorie suggests using some walnuts and parsley in the dish, which I’m sure would be good, but I opted for just the carrots and raisins for the base of the salad. There’s a little vinaigrette too, made with Dijon, cider vinegar and oil.

So, here’s the fun part. I have this really cool little julienne tool. I use it for all manner of things, but mostly carrots and zucchini (and sometimes those together).

It is super sharp, and cuts the vegetables in beautiful little square shreds. I lost this little piece that allows you to keep your hands off of the cutting area long ago. But what I do, is after peeling the carrots, I keep the stem end on and use it as a handle.

It’s really just a matter of skill (nerve) about how much of the carrot you grate. Or you can do what I often do, simply create carrot sticks out of the end that’s remaining – even stopping short so that you can have a nice size stick. You could always use the ends for soup too, but that’s starting to get a little much for me

The vinaigrette is quickly made, and then poured over the carrots and raisins. Here’s where you would have added the walnuts and parsley if you were using them. I think it’s about equal parts Dijon and honey, with a bit more vinegar, and then, really, oil to taste – then seasoned with pepper.

This is quite yummy, and unlike Dorie, I’ll be happy to save the leftovers and have this again after it’s sat together for a bit. I think both ways are good. This would be great with a simple burger or steak, or as part of a salad buffet. Of course, it would also travel well as it is supposed to be served somewhere around room temperature, and with no mayonnaise, no worries.

11 thoughts on “ffwd – cafe-style grated carrot salad

  1. I like that little julienne tool, you could do so much with that. Also looking forward to reading about the cupcakes. Sound scrumptious.

  2. Candy, nice presentation and what a handy tool you used!

    “Happy Cupcake Baking” – the recipe that you mentioned sounds intriguing to me!

  3. I like this recipe too and, while it may not seem intrinsically french, for me and many others it is quintessential bistro fare. Happy to hear that you had a quick way to grate up all those carrots. I used my food processor and it was done in a blink.

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