ffwd – corn soup

What a deceptive little name for a recipe. Truthfully, this is quite simple, but it’s definitely different – a little more than just corn soup.

I am late in both getting to the recipe as well as the blog post about it. I simply ran out of time. But I love everything corn, particularly late in the summer when it’s at its best. So I happily planned on “catching up” with my French Friday with Dorie compadres.

the simple ingredients

Very simple – even more simple than my favorite corn chowder (no potatoes for me, thank you very much).

my favorite new trick to cut corn off the cob
This year I learned a new way to cut corn off of the cob. Previously, I had always used a cutting board, layed the cob down on its side, and sliced off the kernals. But I read something about using a bundt pan… and the rest is history!
The de-kernaled cobs are simmered in milk, while the onions, then celery, carrots and corn are sauteed in butter.
cobs simmering in milk
beautiful vegetables
Once all of this is done, everything is combined for a nice slow simmer.
Finally, the cobs are removed, the mixture is pureed (with my immersion blender), and it’s ready for serving!! I served mine with some freshly-baked whole wheat walnut soda bread. Nice weeknight meal!
This was a really nice soup, though I don’t know that it will replace my favorite corn chowder. While it was simmering, I wasn’t bonding with the combination of the aromas from the rosemary and corn. But once it was finished, I realized it was delicious! Different, and more of a fall-ish dish in my mind. But good, and one that would marry with other fall flavors to make a nice addition to upcoming menus.

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