ffwd – spinach and sausage quiche

I made this the other night, when I was also making a few things since I have family in town for the weekend, and really needed to do some prep up front. Of course, since I was making/prepping about 4 recipes from Dorie’s cookbook… well, if you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know that I’ve skipped a couple of things. Oh well!!

Since I was also making Hachis Parmentier for this evening’s meal, that meant that I’d have some leftover Italian Sausage. I’ve fallen in love with TJ’s chicken Italian sausage – I might never use pork again. So I thought… why not have a spinach and sausage quiche? I was already a step or two ahead, since I’d made my pastry for this, when I made it for the torteau (I think I’ll do that every time from now on – when I need one, make 2! The more times I use it, the more I like that tart crust recipe).

afore-mentioned chicken Italian sausage and spinach

my perfectly-baked crust… I remembered to reduce the heat by 25 degrees
so that it wouldn’t over-bake in my dark tart pan

all right, I am lazy! I browned the sausage, onion and garlic together, and just added the spinach
by handfuls, and kept turning it until it was all cooked
if I’d been worried about serving it to others, I would have
given it a rough chop first, but not this time!

ready for the oven
almost forgot the cheese!

the baked quiche! puffed and beautiful if I do say so myself

a nice slice, ready for serving

OK, so given the fact that I was making this at the same time as a bunch of other things, I was really happy with how it turned out. As leftovers, the crust was still crispy too. This was a nice recipe, and given time and inclination, I’d be happy to mix it up too. But really, really good.

Gotta run! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!

(fyi, hachis parmentier, braised coconut and lemongrass pork, marinated peppers, lime and honey beet salad… we’ll see how it all turns out! cross your fingers for me!)

8 thoughts on “ffwd – spinach and sausage quiche

  1. Thanks for the Trader Joes Chicken Sausage tip. Can't wait to give it a try. But really I can't wait to read how the Hachis Parmenteir went for you.

  2. That looks so tasty! I also made an extra tart dough earlier in the week, thinking I'd do both the torteau and the quiche this week. That meal you described in the end… oh my, can I come over?

  3. Beautiful quiche (especially with your multi-tasking!). Love it in the tart pan vs. the pie plate that I used…now I'm in the mood for some more đŸ™‚

  4. I love the sausage idea…very tasty. And I need to use Trader Joe's more…Hope all your dishes turned out as wonderfully as this quiche…if so, your guests had quite a feast!

  5. I have to admit the hachis parmentier was a hit. But you really can't beat a savory filling and mashed potatoes! One HUGE hit/surprise was the recipe for the roasted peppers with fresh herbs. Also, I liked the beets with lime and herbs too. But the peppers…

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