French Fridays with Dorie – Gougeres

Excited to start FFWD! Gougeres are light little cheese puffs – delicate and golden. Might as well say it up front, this was a great recipe! I’ve made these in the past using different recipes, but they really weren’t that special. What yummy little morsels they turned out to be!! To be honest, it was hard to stop eating them! Good thing you can limit the number you bake at a time!!
I particularly wanted to try out Dorie’s suggestion for freezing, and then baking them.

Ingredients all together – not that there are many! I accidentally picked up extra-large eggs, so I switched 2 out for some smaller ones from a local chicken farm up north… I used gruyere cheese, but cheddar would be yummy – maybe with a stilton filling – but I digress!

The dough comes together exactly as promised

After mixing the eggs into the dough, adding the cheese

Looks beautiful!

Ready to make into puffs!

Ready to bake…

They puffed beautifully, and look gorgeous!


And we have to have with “dijon’s famous aperitif” a Kir

My next baking challenge came with freezing the unbaked puffs as suggested, then baking them. I was having people over to try them, so hoped they would turn out!
Out of the freezer – they’re tiny, so don’t take up a lot of space!

They turned out perfectly too! What a great idea for the busy holidays!

I had such a great time baking these… I can’t wait for the next recipe!!

7 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie – Gougeres

  1. Love puffs and these look awesome- excited to compare this to the receipe that I use which also uses gruyere cheese. Did you pipe the dough or just spoon it? Curious, becuase I usually pipe the dough but it's very difficult to pipe but gives a very consistent finish.

  2. Wow Candy, these turned out great for you! It is good that your tried the freezer method and found that it works.Congrats on your first post – your blog looks beautiful and your photos are great. I didn't take pictures of the whole process this time, but seeing your pictures makes me wish I had! Well done! I am looking forward to seeing your Mustard Tart next week. I posted my link late – hoping I won't be egged for it =) Teri

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