ffwd – eggplant caviar

I’m happy to be back in the ffwd groove. Mostly because I honestly miss all of my compadres that are working through Around My French Table. Hopefully with the end of summer, we’ll re-group and become strengthened by our friendship and shared experience. I come to think that the shared experience is the very best of what we are doing together. North and South, and in different areas around the world…  that’s what I love. And why I’m re-dedicated to this effort.

And then we come to Eggplant Caviar.

Eggplant Caviar





7 thoughts on “ffwd – eggplant caviar

  1. I probably won’t make again… it was ok. Maybe I used too much lemon. The herbs were nice. If I hadn’t used my micro-eggplant, I probably would have had waaaay too much. But lots of other people loved it!

    For me… loser.

  2. I liked the extra lemon – I thought it helped add some flavor (and masked the egg-planty flavor). I just wanted it to look more appealing 🙂

  3. I agree with you about enjoying the shared experience. I also love hearing about what’s going on around the world — different seasons, different weather, different ingredients, but still that shared experience. Sorry this wasn’t your favorite, but there will be other winners for you.

  4. I love the shared experience of this group, too. It’s interesting to see what others do with the recipes we try and it’s so nice to get glimpses of one another’s lives.

  5. ditto with Teresa…it is interesting to know what others feel and do with the recipes in Dorie’s AMFT and it is theough cooking together the same recipe at the same time that draws us closer 🙂 Glad that I joined FFWD !

  6. I liked the caviar, although I agree with Cher that it left something to be desired in the appearance department. Very difficult to photograph in an appealing way.

    Glad to hear you’re getting back in the FFwD groove. The community part of the experience is definitely what makes it most attractive.

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