CtBF – Hard-cooked eggs with chervil mayonnaise

I don’t often make my own mayonnaise, but have done so in the past. David’s recipe is a bit different since it uses a whole egg instead of the yolk. Otherwise pretty straightforward. No chervil to be found, so I used garlic chives that are coming up beautifully in the garden.

Also I used my normal recipe for hard cooked eggs: boil one minute, remove from heat, cover for 15 minutes, then put in cold water to cool… They always come out perfect that way.

These were a big hit. Plated alongside some traditional deviled eggs (isn’t that plate adorable?). And served with some tuna stuffed piquillo peppers, assorted olives and almonds. And some grilled bread. Quite the celebratory feast!

Everyone loved the eggs, enjoyed the light mayonnaise with them. I think it would be interesting to change up the herbs as well. Beautiful springtime dish to share!!

5 thoughts on “CtBF – Hard-cooked eggs with chervil mayonnaise

  1. OMG! such a feast, everything looks gorgeous. These eggs with the mayo is a real winner, I will be using it again for sure. Happy Easter Candy to you and your family.

  2. Now I understand how you thought about suggesting I make tuna stuffed piquillo peppers in my little kitchen – you were serving them yourselves. Every time you make a Dorie-recipe, doesn’t it bring back memories of when we all cooked them together? We did know at the time we had a great group going and appreciated that, I think. I’m looking forward to getting home and making this mayo. I do my boiled eggs more like yours. I start them with cold water, bring it to boil for 3 minutes, then let them sit, covered, for 15 minutes and put them in cold water to cool and peel shortly thereafter. Nice spread, Candy.

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