ffwd – potato chip tortilla

This is the second time I’ve made this dish. This time (what’s new?), I ran out of time – made it first thing in the morning before a day of baking Christmas cookies with my niece. So, not able to enjoy with the glass of wine that makes this a lot more fun!

Today I used the sea salt version of chips (I think I’ll stick with the others again next time).  I also decided to use some fresh rosemary instead of the other herbs, since I like it, and it’s more of a fall flavor. I’m sure last time I used basil – and since I liked it, I guess it was good!


Such a simple recipe. Crushed chips, some eggs with a bit of cayenne, salt and pepper (and yes, despite the chips being salted, it’s still not overly salty when you make it). Plus some chopped onion, garlic and the rosemary.

All of that is mixed together, and then put into a heated pan that has a bit of olive oil.

Once that is set around the edges (and you can run a plastic spatula around, to make sure it doesn’t stick), and getting close to cooked through, it’s slipped under the broiler for a few minutes to finish off the cooking and give it a brown appearance.

When it’s all complete, it’s off to a platter, to be cut and served. The traditional way to serve it is room temperature or a bit warm (but not hot). Of course, with a nice glass of wine. Alas, I didn’t think that even for the sake of tradition, I should have that combination at 9:00 this morning. But it was still pretty tasty. And of course, quick, simple, and ingredients many people have on hand (though I’m not a big potato chip consumer). Dorie’s suggestion of a bit of ham to go with would be terrific too. Nice recipe to have on hand when you need something quick and easy to go with a glass of wine.

8 thoughts on “ffwd – potato chip tortilla

  1. I have to agree that the wine accompaniment is *almost* mandatory for this tortilla. All I could think about was having a late evening supper at a tapas bar when I enjoyed my tortilla (also at 9am without wine…alas).

  2. I didn’t even think about it, but you’re right, this would have paired very nicely with a glass of wine. It’s also a dish which seems like it could be served at any time of day.

  3. I am sensing a theme with the wine 🙂 Frankly, a glass of wine always makes the cookies come out better. It’s practically written in stone…

  4. I used flavored chips , it turned out great. I shall add in some game the next time I make this;) Merry Xmas and aHappy New Year to you and family 🙂

  5. Lovely tortilla and funny comments about enjoying this with a glass of wine! I’ve been checking out everyone’s tortillas this morning over a cup of coffee but this is looking like the choice for dinner tonight, of course with a glass of wine!

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