ffwd – roast chicken for les paresseux (for lazy people)

What better recipe to choose (yes, we’re chosing the order in which we cook our recipes this month – not helpful for me, who really enjoyed the structure. I make decisions all day – I enjoyed being directed a little!!), for a short week on our cooking journey. We didn’t get our recipe choices until Monday…… Continue reading ffwd – roast chicken for les paresseux (for lazy people)

ffwd – marie-helene’s apple cake

I’ve made this cake twice now. The first time, to finish off our dinner of hachis parmentier last week. That time, I served it with some dulce de leche ice cream (would have loved cinnamon, as suggested); the second time, all on it’s own. Both times we very much enjoyed the cake. With apples, I… Continue reading ffwd – marie-helene’s apple cake

FFWD – hachis parmentier (a French Shepherd’s Pie)

This seemed like such a warm and comforting food – and it was!! I decided to invite some friends over who are interested in my little project, and make this for them, as well as a number of other recipes: really, a retrospective of our October recipes. We began with gougeres, served with a French… Continue reading FFWD – hachis parmentier (a French Shepherd’s Pie)

ffwd – spicy vietnamese chicken noodle soup

This is one of the first recipes I looked at when I saw the book “around my french table”. I love Asian flavors, and anything with coconut! Unfortunately, I forgot to pick fresh herbs when I was in Sedona Tuesday, so I had to settle for some from the market. One of the best things… Continue reading ffwd – spicy vietnamese chicken noodle soup

around my French table

Not content with “only” making the recipe of the week, I’ve made a couple of other things from the book… I made “creamy, cheesy, garlicky rice with spinach” the other night (p380). I looked to see what I could make with what I had on hand. The “French” version of risotto was wonderful, easy, and… Continue reading around my French table

FFWD – Gerard’s Mustard Tart

The great thing about FFWD is that having someone else choose your recipes means you end up making something you wouldn’t have chosen otherwise (much like my book club). I likely would NOT have picked this one, though my friend Teri (Butter n Thyme), who is in my book club and got me started with… Continue reading FFWD – Gerard’s Mustard Tart

French Fridays with Dorie – Gougeres

Excited to start FFWD! Gougeres are light little cheese puffs – delicate and golden. Might as well say it up front, this was a great recipe! I’ve made these in the past using different recipes, but they really weren’t that special. What yummy little morsels they turned out to be!! To be honest, it was hard… Continue reading French Fridays with Dorie – Gougeres